The Top 25 Best Drake Songs of All Time

The Top 25 Best Drake Songs of All Time


20.) Drake – “Best I Ever Had”

What I like about Drake is that he’s not a stereotypical rapper from the hood that raps about being a gangster. He grew up in a wealthy household in the suburbs and he doesn’t try to act like he’s anything else. His songs bring a different feel and story to them that are rare to find in rappers today. The truth goes so much further than a lie. “Best I Ever Had”, even now remains on constant repeat.

19) Drake – “Brand New”

The song is jazzy and bluesy and sophisticated and intelligent. Just when you think you know where it’s going it takes you in a completely different direction, much better than the one that you anticipated. If you can get through the whole thing without hitting the “repeat” button, you’re not really listening.

18.) Drake – “Look What You’ve Done”

It’s an incredibly revealing look at the people who helped make Drake the man he is, including references to how his initial communication with Lil Wayne and departure from the world of acting led him to where he is now. Drake has never been this candid about his family before, as he dedicates verses to the inspiring women in his life while recounting his mother’s health struggles and the at times strained relationship he’s had with his father, without seek pity or sympathy from his listener. In fact, though he takes a guilt-free approach to being emotional, he infers that personal obstacles don’t warrant listener coddling, following one revealing line with his own sarcastic, self-mocking aside (“Boo-hoo, sad story. Black American dad story”).

17.) Drake – “Karaoke”

It’s simple and nice, but nothing extraordinary.

16.) Drake – “Club Paradise”

Something about that first verse that just pulls me in!

  • Cescostrangio95

    Fear should at least be top 5! That song is one of the best songs!!

  • Lalapink98

    i luv you!!-lala:D

  • Cheezeburger69

    9AM in Dallas?

  • yoyo

    honestly….how is HYFR all the way at #2? its good but not one if his “best” and where is the resistance

  • Jake

    Where was November 18th? thats his biggest track hands down.. great top 25 but how did you guys forget that?

  • 2233845359


  • Bria’s Interlude Ft. Omarion

  • pretty sure you forgot “The Resistance”

  • EarlWolf

    WTF?!?!?! Smile ft Voyce should be up there. That song is too good. And where to now off Comeback Season.

  • Jason

     Number 15 and number 9 won’t play for me.

    • Jason

       Number 5 won’t either

  • RealAsCanBe

    I think this is a great list but you missed one of the best ones
    that song speaks to so many people and has for a very long time..
    it deserves to be up in the top 25 

  • Juanchosancho

    I can’t name a bad drake song =]

  • Dawghousegang

    This is the most pretentious shit I’ve ever f’n heard, ‘bra”…first let’s start with the Take Care Photo
    Dude,….let’s surround you with GOLD ’cause you’re the shit…..and you look so deep in thought…”where’s my next rhyme comin from…hum….what rhyme’s with GOLD,… Bold (Yea, that’s me!) Told (Yea, like I TOLD you!) Old (Yea, like I’ll never be!) MOLD (Yea, Like my music sounds,…hey what the hell)  Dude your MUSIC is MOLD and your scene is so old and I don’t wanna tell you that you’ve been told but you SUCK!!!  Your fans are 12, they’ve never heard anyother kind of music and that’s paf’nthetic.  Dude you looked good at the Grammy’s in your tux,….but then you
    opened your mouth and out came the ghetto……..f’n articulate.  You’re so f’n pretentious how can
    you live with yourself.  I bet you listen to “cool jazz”,….oh no you don’t check that would require

    • minz

      if u dont like him  get tha fuckk off his page u retarded mother fuckerr

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  • rider21

    Best I Ever Had should’ve made the list.  And Shut it Down as well–EASILY top 10.  Kinda bummed all his new stuff got pushed to the front.  Yeah, it’s great, but I think most of his old stuff tops it.

    • rider21

      & The Resistance **

  • cathy

    drake is rad. my fav song from you is over and miss me.

  • charis

    where the fuck is the reisistance yoo

  • Manmanlive12

    Dr@ke is Liv3 Ye@ Bio !

  • K A P F T S T A

     forever much?

  • Cristal2000

    I think his best song is The Motto

  • Rob8919

    this list sucks ass

  • Damahlifa

    I have to say i like all of his songs cuz I have them on my mp3 also.

  • Veronica Orta

    Sooner Or Later Should’ve Been On This List

  • Maryahp

    drake is fine

  • Ilovedrizzy

    a real fan does anything to sport their idol they dont have to know every songs fs.

  • Ms Meemj

    um take care should have deffinitely been up there at least if not number 1 !!

  • Jesusgarcia612

    Drake’s best song “The Mottto” and “Headlines”

  • Asmith 2010

    drake’s best song is HYFR

  • Cheerleadergyrl1

    Where’s Take Care?!

  • cheyenne baby

    drake is so freaking hot

  • drizzyb4ymcmb

    goodnight and good luck?? where is that??


    its “the weeknd” not “the weekend”

  • Harrisclifton36

    drake is my shit  his music fits me and my moods he the greatest

  • Alejandraarmendariz67

    if i could i would marry drake<3 I FREAKIN LOVE DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drakeeee<3

    I love how they put “Shots for me” instead of the real name “shot for me” && “The Weekend” which is actually “The Weeknd”!!! Ha they will legit hire anyone these days! 

  • gdahg

    the resistance. that song is real because it was so current to his life at a certain point

  • Yeayeayea

    where’s 9am in dallas??

  • Robincharlton

    whats going on drake this a little girl name robin

    • Robincharlton

      hurry up and comment back

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  • noneofurbuissness

    stfu people

  • Pokemon

    no lives

  • noneofurbuissness

    true dat

  • noneofurbuissness


  • Pokrmon

    i hatevu

  • noneofurbuissness


  • noneofurbuissness

    stop pokemon who the hell are u?

  • Onereal Love


  • Katherine Victoria

    for real HYFR shouldn’t even be in the top 25, he has way better songs then that one.

  • All I wanna say is that this must have been pretty damn hard considering I can’t think of a single Drake song that I don’t like. He has a way, a swag, that no one else could even dream of hitting.


    PS: Where's Marvin's Room? I listened to that on repeat for days on end!