• This is just ready for ya. I thought it was something new

  • Yea it is but i like the new twist they have to it.

  • ATL

    I love drake’s verse

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    I got this song already

  • Harperdj83

    Drizzy went in, what else is new?

  • Sahara Munoz23

    Rita Ora just took this song from drake && he’s letting her&&& This song is called Im ready for you Cuz He wrote it && SHe is Rappin His Lyrics



      okay 1st off when this original song came out he said it was written for someone else. Also his 1st pick was “Ri Ri”!  “Ro Ro” didnt steal nothing its called ghost writting and composing music for other artist oh but since your an all day hater your words are the only SHAME I see!