Rick Ross feat. Drake & Wale – Diced Pineapples (Snippet)

Rick Ross feat. Drake & Wale – Diced Pineapples (Snippet)


Rick Ross‘s new album “God Forgives I Don’t” is set to release July 31st. A snippet off of his one track “Diced Pineapples” featuring Drake and Wale released today. Listen to the song below, the clip should be about :30 seconds long. What you think?

  • Ross Wale and Maybach Music Sucks. Drake Wayne and Young Money RULES

    • its obvious u know nothing about music please shut up

  • Onereal Love

    This fools want tackle me down like
    a fool but all they’re getting is blueberry
    pineapple mix on their throats
    and death wish list don’t mess
    the the GOD and play it to win
    that all I name Finacial aid didn’t do no wrong
    but only gave me fame to know
    I was born the best in this game
    settle down is the ring on the right
    only to single lady as I
    Tattoed by all that is not seen and heard
    here’s the the trophy to the doors
    I open on trinity land
    on chapel in George town water ways
    speaking of the hell the devil brought
    the angels put more woods on the line
    to keep and burn


  • City Ortiz

    I Second That Motion Sir