PARTYNEXTDOOR and Amir Obe Team Up for “Truth For You”

Amir Obe, a native of Detroit, Michigan, and an associate of the OVO crew, has teamed up with PARTYNEXTDOOR to produce “Truth for You”. This track is produced by Nylz and is expected to be a big hit onc it is publicly released. When Obe gave an interview with the FADER the Michigander admitted that the inspiration for this new song was an argument with a female that Obe had been dating. Amir told the FADER that “I wrote and recorded this song while in the middle of an argument with a girl I had been talking to. We were in different cities at the time. The back and forth texts flowed and wrote the song for me as it all unfolded. Her missing me was lost in translation.” Fans can experience the track themselves thanks to an online release of the song.