• wow this is a pretty good song

  • I’ve been waiting for ever for this song to come out , Drake We Outchea My Dude !

  • That song is on fire!

  • just so you no him and drake were real bros back in the day they had to go there separate ways now they back supporting and showing love drakes flow and nickelus f. words of pain makes this song everybody is going to love this song and if you don’t you must be a hater or got hearing problems for everybody else i no y’all thinking this is a good song to smoke to and I have to agree with that much love to the big bro drake and nick fury aka nickelus f. for making good music keep it comeing

    • Chris Gregory

      many people won’t get nick’s references in his verse.

  • kuda.machekano@yahoo.com

    How many more records must Drake kill for these fools to know its time to hang up the gloves?

  • this song sounds is down to earth

  • im feeling this

  • adrian

    wats up drake