Lil Wayne Ft. Jadakiss & Drake – It’s Good

Lil Wayne Ft. Jadakiss & Drake – It’s Good


Lil Wayne seems to go IN on Jay-z on this track defending Birdman. Drake and Jadakiss both appear on the track as well. Let us know what you think of the track.

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  • TR3Y dubz

    dis ish go hard!

  • I love it geting the album

  • Bamafan311

    wow jadakiss and drake went hard but lil wayne went viagra on this track

    • Jacobteixeira

      is that a good thing?

  • drizzy drake jr


  • why drizzy part of dissin jay z when jay z helped him out on thank me later with a great verse on light up and all of that?…. unnecessary?…

    • Kai’Trick !

      Sooo truu !

      • got to stand up for ymcbm that’s who signs his checks

    • WordPlay

      but that’s why he started saying, “mind in one place, heart in another” he knows his mind is saying this Hov I love this nigga, he was so helpful to me, but his heart is, this is Wayne, without him where would I be, this my big brother. My heart telling me defend my family, YMCMB

    • Yvell

      drizzy isnt dissin jay….. he was sent the beat and jus did his thing…. nothin more nothin less

  • ADG-Habzy08


  • Anthony Brown

    Drake, the best. All I can say.

  • WordPlay

    I Wish, I Wish, I Wish You Would Bitch!

  • Dampatsoflyy

    drake is under lil wayne cash money young money lil wayne found drake not jay z so drake dont have to b cool with jay z fuck that big lip fuckeer

  • Swagglife

    Shoot me in the watch, I got time to kill

  • WhiteGirl-BlackAss

    I can’t wait until i marry this man(DRAKE) <3

  • Ballin


  • chess

    wayne just went at jay z’s necckkk damn he killed it

  • Yvell

    Talkin about baby money i got yo baby money kidnap yo bitch get that how much you love yo lady money…. I know you fake nigga .. press yo breaks nigga ill take you out thats a date nigga 

  • Jesse Gober

    Jadakiss was off topic on this song hes verse was hard but different from drake and wayne

    • killa,ace

      because he didnt kno dat they was dissin jay z

  • mark6543

    drakes new ablum is going to be the shit

    • killa,ace

      get off his dick

  • Drizzy Get Grizzly

    Drizzy Ruled that shit!

  • honestly this rap point blank nigga didn’t noting i say do what you believe in 

  • Tyler Allen94

    was he going in on jay-z

  • ILLblood$

    A beast!!!

  • Gregory

    I’ll take you out that’s a date nigga that’s goooooooood