Lil Wayne ft. Drake – She Will

Lil Wayne ft. Drake – She Will [download]


Exclusive Lil Wayne‘s latest Carter 4 single featuring Drake – She Will.

[ DOWNLOAD ] Lil Wayne ft. Drake – She Will

  • fuckdrizzyyyy!

    this jawn bootyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Niggers_are_slaves

    i was expecting more…

    • Gwenoniamccallon

      races ass bitch

      • Julioc5213

        mann fukk all ya nikkuhs who eva is hatin ya dnt kno wats real 

    • Addisonkeisha

      U dont like black people wat hell iz wrong wit you?????????

  • Daliasky2000



  • Womb broom

    anyone know what that hat is? 

  • deylovesdrizzy

    no she won’t….. damn drake come on, i was hoping for something better. how you go from marvin’s room & headlines to this? smh. the beat is the only thing really good.

    • Yyyomama5

      are u serious the best is the only thing thats good wow i can tell u a drake stan we all know that drake part sucked but lil wayne verses were dope u just hate to admit why lil wayne is so much more better than drake

      • Anderson_jnr

        you idiot…drake just sings the chorus why don’t you become famous and go spit your lyrics

      • deylovesdrizzy

        i know drake only sings the chorus… that’s what i’m complaining about. and when did i say anything about me wanting to be a rapper? LOL okay.

      • deylovesdrizzy

        lmfao can you speak english? and um lil wayne WAS better than Drake at one point, but lately all he raps about is money, fame and bitches. and don’t we already have enough of that with every other rapper out there? and i do admit Drake does have some songs like that, and i don’t tend to listen to them, but still he’ll switch it up every now and then. and um no, i don’t hate to admit that lil wayne is better than drake, cause in my opinion, he isnt. but if you like lil wayne like that, thats up to you. i’m not forcing you to like drake. have a nice day.

  • Aaron Gracheck

    When Drake raps with Young Money it’s mainly only about money. Drake your much more than an average rapper, your the best in the game to me. Still however I actually like the song

    • K23

      Hell fucking no he aint it is nikki minaj 

  • YUNG B.

    Dis song go hard

  • Gymarel57

    when did this come out?

  • KerriGoesRawr

    Thiis Is Good Maan…Dont Liisten To Them Haters. It’s Drake Everythiings Ahmazing.

  • krizzy k

    i like it hate to say it but i love it #shewill

  • weezy

    this song is tha best

  • Yyyomama5

    why do yall hate on lil wayne so much he is the best rapper in the game right now this song is dope lil wayne’s lyrics are so clever drake can’t do music like this cuz he is no where near wayne’s level and some the comments down there are just pure hate like a comment said i like it hate to say it but i like it wow

    • XOBTHx_MaGiiC

      your so fucking stupid for even saying that, because lil wayne even admitted that drake helps him with his lyrics. drake is probably the best lyricist in the game right now in my opinion.


      Hov -Jay-z -Iceberg Slim – whatever you wanna call him – hes the beat rapper alive..Wayne arms to short to box with the God!

      • Carlosrod65

        niqqa jay-z suks azz

    • Dutchyman87

      Drake wrote this song for Wayne… Do ur research b4 u say something.

  • Yyyomama5

    yall are some drake stans and drake part an’t even that good he really messed up the song but lil wayne held it together

  • she will best song in the world.

  • Perry12pr

    Man You mufukkas dont know shyt about Drizzy ya might as well delete yall selves wit dat hating shyt cause he only did the chrours assholes!!!!!!!!

  • weezy

    yall like my new song its tight aint it

    • Addisonkeisha

      yes i do I LOVED IT on cooled da

  • Castillo Victor58


  • Kingaiman92

    this is officially the BEST!!!!! song Drezzy nd Wayne has done together

  • Kingaiman92

    the first time i heard this is a couple weeks ago…………. nd i got GOOSEBUMBS    :D:D:D:D

  • Danny91_oside

    drake is king weezy step down

  • Semajhill90

    Drake killed this song and he only did the chorus…imagine what he would’ve did if he had a verse…he’s that dude!!!

  • Dfsfdgdgfhfhfhfhdg

    love drake

  • Breanabeasley

    love dis sond know every word to drake learning lil wayne right now

  • banger!!!

  • Tyrik sullivan

    caint wait for take care u killed dat headlines and marvins room

  • Rbrtssc

    Yall stop trippin we knew for a while lil wayne is the best lyricist. Then he signs drake with a similar style. All I can say is this shit is hot just like Drake’s “Trust Issues” Nikki Manij is going hard as well just the whole Young Money Family is doing their thang and all the haters want is to be reconized so they jock on people who really are. For real aint nobody touchin Lil wayne right now he’s on fire. Like Mike Jordan when he ballin his team is ballin and we know lil wayne been doing this for the longest.

  • cyrusxx

    @ ni**ers_are_slaves shut yo stupid crusty azz up hoe quit hatin this song go hard i don’t care what none uh yall say. Don’t get mad cuz they makin millions n u still sitting atcha moms house bitch.

    • Zamora Lexi

      Thats Messed up not you crusxx the quy Beloow

      • Ocaampoantonio75

        you dont know wats up dawg

  • Swaqqedup^

    – DRIZZY DRAKE All Dayum Day Donn’ Givva’ Fuckk Whaa Any Nikka Say !
    #BOOoosted ! Juu Alreadyy^^

  • Dariuscollins26

    lil wayne is best rapper alive real talk… and drake too

  • 36185

    this song iz da shit man badazz song

  • Kaneshac

    lil  wayne  is  the  shit  and  he  has  swagg  all  day  and he  is  my  man  on  how  to  love  song

  • Boozers <3

    That Was freaken Leqqit lil Wayne ! :D

  • Ocampoantonio75

    ur mom kills it

  • Pinkmad3flip

    all these people get nooooo ass

  • boozers

    Your Mom kills It!
    :D Good job drizzy

  • Chrisswagg63

    Lil Waynee Takee Thaa Fkenn Cakee On dizz Shii Hee Hitt Dahh Topss Hardd Andd Fckk Thaa Worldd Till Ehtt Comess Dwnn !!!!

  • ChassidyWms

    drake go hard in everything he wrap and sings

  • Alexisneives32

    dang thaey beast no leash (bnl )

  • Stephanie24

    drake kills it

  • Alexisneives32

    fuck you

  • Tk23

    beastly song niggahs cant mess wit dis fucking song.  Wait nicki minaj can ,its fuking real shit