Lil Wayne feat. Drake – With You

Lil Wayne feat. Drake – With You


Lil Wayne feat. Drake – With You, another track off Lil Wayne “I’m Not A Human Being” EP. Drake is hitting the chorus on this track. Check it out.

  • Lil Wayne feat. Drake – With You – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Album: I’m Not A Human Being

  • man….i love tha fu*k outta u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i only got 3 husbands(that are doin their own thing…BUT)Dwayne Carter,Aubrey Graham,an Johnny Depp……………i want sum moon light an candles an shit!!!!i wish u would try to handle my shit!!!!!sorry i was groovin, lets get back to what we was doin…………..
    :) ;) DAMN PLEASE at least acknowledge me ;(

    ~~~~~~~Kristine Roberts

    • Drake Addict24

      Dang cant help but think bout tha bae when i hear this song

  • i love drake and lil wayne,they are the best rappers in the world i love them and there music.

    • SymoneilyDrake

      me too! best rappers alivweeeeeee! I LOVE DRAKJE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!<3

      • Nurul

        SymoneilyDrake yu say yu love Drake but yu spell his name wrong !!

      • Drake Addict24

        Yea for real c’mon mayne

  • hi,i have been watching drake since degrassi before he came a singer and i think he is an awsome singer and i really love his music.i have been listening to lil wayne since he came out and i have all of his albums and i love him.i love hip-hop it is the best music ever.i wish there was a radio station just play hip-hop on it.

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Morning baby have a nice day love u. Mwah. =0) gonna have a busy day so….. Have fun b safe love u mwah mwah mwah. ;0*


  • gelica2813

    i love this song, i listen to it almost every night before beddddddd…

  • i luv yyyue

    wowwwww luv dhis shidd

  • sloan derouen

    i look up to u r the shit

  • im luvin wat u did ur my idol jd plus ur damn fine as hell

  • Lizz

    Drake called me and left a voicemail September 12,2010 and left a voicemail :) thanks again Drizzy. Anyway, I love that part in this song when Wayne says ” Lets get together over night
    Shawty im a pro and you are lookin like the protoype.” Love it Wayne.

  • Damn man this shong is beast .. i think yall need to make the site more easy to look for music like clicking on it and just playing it. but overall this song is awesome
    drake hit me up im a rapper