Lil Wayne feat. Drake – Gonorrhea

Lil Wayne feat. Drake – Gonorrhea


Lil Wayne feat. Drake – Gonorrhea [tagged]. Weezy is soon to come out, so get excited! I Not A Human Being EP is dropping September 28th, but unfortunately tracks are starting to surface on the web. Here’s a dope track with Drake featured on it. The beat is so sick on this track, what you think?

  • Lil Wayne feat. Drake – Gonorrhea – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Album: Unknown
  • Juan Enrique

    This Song Is Hott And Funny

  • rj

    dis song is beast my numba one song life’s a bitch naw betta yet a dumb broad lol

  • elaine11

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    • LA213

      hey how r u

  • Kingmike2

    bitch ass nigga i dont wont yo gonorrhea  and thats why i call some niggas bitches cause they is out here were im at but yeah pussy ass nigga i dont wont it 

  • Boozers <3

    This sonqq Is Beast !

  • Boots_Bae

    i ammmm spendin mucg more than im makin on these cars and these vactions!(:

  • Kyra Hunley

    tha shit