Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Drake – All The Lights...

Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Drake – All The Lights (rmx)


Drake, Lil Wayne, and Big Sean spit some crazy verses to Kanye West’s All The Light track. Take a listen after the jump.

Download: All Of The Lights (rmx) f. Big Sean, Drake & Lil Wayne (Rough).mp3

Bad Decisions, Good Intentions,
Man I’m riding, Weezy with me,
I just stepped out of the strip club,
Made 5000, look like 50,
I spend all my time in Houston,
Smoke that kush but I don’t do Whitney,
I don’t do Britney, I don’t do Lindsay,
I made 2 million since last Wednesday,
And I hate y’all, y’all got too much free time,
Saying I ain’t drop shit, everything will be fine,
Worrying about your old girl, tryna see if she’s mine,
Nigga she’s with me when she tells you she need some me time,
It’s our time, so fuck y’all
I’m really about to go Spring break now start taking shots in this mu’fucka
And ye ain’t really have all that last month girl,
What you got? some shots in that mu’fucka?
Yeah, we got the Roc in this mu’fucka?
You thought niggas was gon pop in this mu’fucka?
Uh, Young Money, Power, and Respect, in this bitch,
You would think we got the Lox in this mu’fuckaaaaa,
I made mistakes, I made some bread,
I even made a way for them to get ahead,
To my surprise, nobody replacing me,
Take Care and Carter 4, it won’t be long ’til they can see the lights, (lights on)
And I’m on one, I got one, You a pussy nigga, I’m not one,
So call it a night, call it a night, (lights on)
And I run it, so y’all know that, I take the purple, and pour that,
All in the Sprite, all in the Sprite.

  • Lucy

    Awesome, love it so much!!

  • Jmrrendon

    somebody give drake $20 dlrs….so he can get a hair cut……please!!!!!!!!!        he looks like a heppppiiii…..

    • Kai’Trick !

      Boahh I bet uu cant even afford a hair cut ! Yeah he need to cut it but stfuu act like he broke or sum ish !

  • Kingmike2

    thats boguish as hell but u  cant talk about him tho cuz he rich wwere u at lolz j/p

  • Semajhill90

    Drake had the best verse on this song hands down point blank without a doubt no debate

    • Kai’Trick !

      Yeah he did but all of em killed best remix ever !

  • drake is homo

    this is ASS