K-OS feat. Drake – Faith Part. 2

K-OS feat. Drake – Faith Part. 2


3,000 likes later, K-OS featuring Drake – Faith Part 2 is now available. Download link below.

  • Bba_1024

    i love it <3

  • Marlon Guimaraes

    the real shit!!!! Come to Brasil, Drizzy!!!!!

  • Kimba

    so fresh

  • is this new?

  • Bryk87

    Ive herd this b4. Classics dont get old

  • song goes in

  • Matketter

    this hard

  • James

    Left off right where part one 1 did. Drizzy just killed his own song. Beast.

  • wayne

    this sound like so far gone days

  • hahaaaa that’s that throw back DRIZZYYY 

  • Guest

    Deep Shit(:

  • Javyhp3

     Come to dominican republic