Jamie Foxx feat. Drake – Fall For Your Type

Jamie Foxx feat. Drake – Fall For Your Type


Remember “Fall For Your Type”? Well that wasn’t the complete song, and Drake had said many times that he was doing tracks for other artist out there. We got that exclusive news on that track. Jamie Foxx was suppose to be on it. Now you get to listen to the FINAL version of Jamie Foxx featuring Drake “Fall For Your Type”.

Jamie Foxx Feat. Drake – Fall For Your Type [CDQ] [ DOWNLOAD ]

  • Akuaa

    this is a tuneeee, but cut all the stupid shit and the beginning and the end, really off putting, Jamie Foxx and Drake good collaaab ! :) x

  • My heart is beating to the beat of this song, someone once dedicated the previous version of this song, but this song helps me find myself in a deeper level. Trueee spittt. Thanks Drake for the endless lyrics and dedication to women. “So who am I to judge you on your past girl?”

  • Nena

    It’s Straight But Drake Sings it Better .

  • Ariana Simpson

    ohh my goshh this is qonna be my new fetish!!!! i loved the first one but i LOOOOVE THIS ONE!!!!!! keep up the qood work kiddo!!

  • Grace Amanda

    damn!! really good
    like it
    love you drake =)

  • Chelle

    I think Jamie ruined this honestly. Once I heard Drake sing it I cant imagine anyone else doing it any better. Im not saying he sung it badly but it doesn’t sound right after you hear the original Fall For Your Type. I wish Drake would’ve just did this song by himself. It would’ve been perfect.

    • Pat Imbarrato

      I agree with you Chelle, but its not Drake’s choice, Drake does the song so they can experiment with how the finished product will come out, and then it goes to the artist it was meant for. He is doing the same thing with the song “I’m Ready For You” that song is eventually im pretty sure going to be on a Alicia Key’s album down the road.

      • Pumpkinn

        True ,

      • Niyahh Seymone(ily Drakee)

        I Agree With Youu . Mann Drake Is The Original && Ther Best At It So far , Drake’s Voice Is just the only one i thinkk should be in here

  • I LIKE IT!!!!!

  • devinn

    kanye shuldve got on this1 but its tight! drizzy to beast

  • I did not know FOXX was on that song, Its very good thow

  • Damn FOXX killed that shit with the singin

  • DJ Frosty

    Every mixtape or leak single drake has always ends up turning into a duo, Fall for your type, Aston Martin Music, Its been a Pleasure. Good song though.

  • T.LUC ; Mr. Thank Me Later

    this song go so ham , but i think drake should have kept it for himself .
    jamie i love yu bruhh , ( no homo ) but this was jus meant for drake .

  • Pumpkinn

    iLovee It , Drakez && Jamie’s Both Good

  • Niyahh Seymone(ily Drakee)

    Totally Not Whattt I Expectedd, Drake”s Voice is better.

  • Cole

    I like it but i think im feelin Drake’s singing better..actually i know i am..sorry Jamie :(
    luv ya Drake : )

  • itsrany[:

    they both did a good job lovee yaaa drakeee espicallllyyyyyyy <3 thats why im on this websitee[:

  • SymoneilyDrake

    i like it! niceee Jamiee(:
    i love you Drake<33333

  • Danielle

    Come on really….we all know drake was the best for this song. He should have just kept this for himself and finished it. damn Drake lol the song is spoiled….

  • I almost cried when I heard this….seriously I just love this song… :)*Speechless* -_-

    • I am listening to this over and over again until I learn the words…

  • ChocolateeKaee !

    I Loveee This Song , Jamiee Made It Better Cause He Can Really Sing So Fuck What Everyone Elese Is Saying But WHOOOPPPP Go Drake ! This Song Really Make Yu Realize Females & Niggas Always Falling For The Same Person No Matter What . : )

  • This Jamie Foxx and Drake music video looks incredible and an awesome R&B music video. The song is really great too. A really hot slow jam. I am sure this song will give Jamie Foxx and Drake another number one record.

  • I really just cant stop listening to it…<3 <3 <3

  • Lee Graze

    Naw Naw Hell Naw!
    Drizzy Drake The Greatest Go In With EVERYTHING!
    he could be talking on Oprah Winfrey Show and Go In
    NO HOMO But i <333 Drake man

  • angel odom

    i love me some Drake (:

  • Sarah Rojo

    Mm, oh yes(;

    AngelFreakingOdom, I LOVE YOU!<3

  • Martinezkayla32

    iLovee Youu!<333

  • Kaylaa?

    iLovee This Sonqq So Muchh It Really Gets Too Mee(:

  • i love thiss soongg!! drizzy drake<3<3

  • Mirandasteef

    i love any song with drake<3

  • MuthaFuckin’YaYa <3

    I LoveThis Sonq <3

  • Michael Jasso

    Bro bro you are awesome 

  • Princessja

    love it….. in feelins and we do need to fall for type and stop fallin for the ones that will hurts us


    L;o*L You silly.  ;0) man I had something to say and it was awesome… I forgot. L;O*L  Oh yea umm gonna be honest I haven’t gotten my sched for tomorrow someone gonna confirm the place and time??  Please.  LOL but really not funny.  LOL LOL LOL now Im gigglin LMA;O*  Oh yea love love love this song.  ALWAYS MY TOP 5. 


    Oh now I remember, follow along.  
    Rain sprinkling a short summer halter dress on, no panties in the middle of no where on a yamaha me on top you in deep and enjoyin the scene with nothing but nature and beauty around us. L;o*L  mwah mwah babu.  What you got?  OVOXO

  • (: lovee this sonqq <3

  • Contrerasstarr

     This song makes me think about all my exs and how i really about them but just didt tell them and now i have this huge weight on my shoulders thatt weughts like about 100 puonds and it gonna stay there until i express my feeling to this person and now that persn is now has passed and now what do i do?……. PRAY