Drake’s Take Care Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C

October’s Very Own released the chopped version of Drake’s Take Care, ChopCare: Take Care OG Ron C Version. Swishahouse legend chopping-not-slopping the entire album (with bonus tracks) in just two weeks. Download links are located below enjoy.

Download: Drake’s Take Care Chopped-N-Screwed by OG Ron C

Stream: The Weeknd, “Crew Love (Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C)“

  • B Zar3t

    I like Darth Daulphin and Quan the Padawans’ version better =/

  • DJ JustJohn

    Dang, no longer avail for DL

  • Boots_Bae

    that ovo and that xo is every thing you believe in(: i love you drake

  • Guest

    cant DL anymore :(

  • adrian

    drizzy is raw

  • Angelcruz560

    wassup drizzy.you the best!!!!!!!!!

  • Yannajohson

    ikr this shit is the best

  • Cdegenova1193

    Follow @He_Is_TheOne:twitter 

  • Kerismiles4u

    yeah boi. this is this shitt..