Drake Music: Drake – What If I Kissed You

Drake Music: Drake – What If I Kissed You [Leaked]


This must be leak Drake Music day, another R&B track just got leaked today. Drake – What If I Kissed You. Who’s excited for this R&B Mixtape Drake is soon to drop?

  • Drake – What If I Kissed You – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Album/EP: Unknown
  • brenda

    is it just me or at like :57 he starts to kinda mumble the words?
    but its all good because its drake:P

  • BritneGraham

    YOur voice is sooo damn sexyyy ! Thats why ur all mine babe !!! XOXO

    • Kenyonh14

      wats up this is drake thank’s for saying my voice is sexy love drake

  • bigmeat2107

    yah he is mumming the words just because this is just a melody, the track is not mastered or cd quality so no words are on that part its not finished

  • Alanmichaelmaldonado

    its the real version this songs been out forever follow me @kingme_vinny:disqus 


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