Drake – Trust Issues

Drake – Trust Issues [audio]


Drake has leaked another track titled “Trust Issues”. Not sure if it’s going to make the cut for the Take Care album, but either way Take Care

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  • Dani_o23

    mad RESPECT -_-

  • kiidjoviee

    -dammn this song is the shiiit …

    • Doriaunao5172

      it really is

  • ItzDomonique

    Love it 

  • Danioese

    by the end of his career he will be known as the best

  • marcus machado

    ayee drakes take care album is going to be nasty

  • SymoneilyDrake

    OH MY GAAAAA! I FREAKIN <33333333 IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Libra’s World

    Damn again tsss Take Care 10/24/11 cant wait

  • love this song, I can always relate to Drakes music thats why he is my favorite artist!

  • Abdallah_abdallah27

    not really feelin this, lets be real. not his best work

  • Kaila Swint

    He making better music than he did on Thank Me Later ! So you know Take Care will be better ! && To me So Far Gone was better than Thank Me Later !

  • Wdakota5

    Drake is the best there is but this song could be alot better..

    • Doriaunao5172

      girl dis song is great

    • Rteytyqwklerw

      ni he is not can u spell long dick

  • Pmanwolf

    drake is on fireee

  • Jsmus4

    song is alright, i like it better towards da end 

  • anazingg 

  • denishia

    always can relate to drake what he says is just real ish thats why i can totallt give my full respect to him real talk

  • Limonjulie

    this beautiful song was remade with Dj Khaled, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne :) I <3 Drake

  • Joycemcraft

    luv this song nd luv him

    • Tsionnacarey

      how old r u if u love h im

      • Joycemcraft


      • Tsionnacarey


  • Guest

    why is drake so fine (musically and phsically !)

  • this is the shidd ((:

  • Semajhill90

    Drizzy never disappoints this is CLASSIC Drake right here!!!

  • Swaqqedup^

    -DRIZZY DRAKE <3 ' Juu Alreadyy^^ 

  • Y_moore22

    that trust issues song that the shit

  • Brielle Glumac

    yo dis is hot, holla at cha boi someday drizzy. 

  • Doriaunao5172

    this is the best song i’ve heard u sing ur da best luv u

  • June

    “I dont trust these bitches, they might catch me slippin”

  • greatdane

    He couldve just left it alone. but na he decided to keep it real. thats exzactly why hes the best. n our favorite.

  • MuthaFuckin’YaYa <3


  • Emanuel Arroyo7

    drakes da shit

  • Jonemcneil

    i love this song sooooooo much

  • Vickimon11

    this song is of the hook

  • Kiyonwhite

    that boy drake live

  • Xdotts

    this that shit