Drake & The Weeknd – Thursday, It Goes Down (A JAYBeatz Mashup)

Drake & The Weeknd – Thursday, It Goes Down (A JAYBeatz Mashup)


A couple of days ago, Drake confirmed that The Weeknd would plays a very active role in his upcoming sophomore album “Take Care”. The Weeknd will be featured in four of Drake’s tracks. In other news JAYBeatz crafted a sick combination of Drake’s new tune, “The Real Her”, and his latest single, “Make Me Proud”, with The Weeknd’s title track of of his latest mixtape, “Thursday”. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

  • yaboybark2

    I like the sound of this

  • Heightsfinest


  • Cassie

    Where can I download ?! Please and thank you ! !

  • love it!

  • Houston

    It’s like i heard the lyrics already ;)

  • where do you download

  • Perry12pr

    Lol You so called drake fans somebody created this it has 3 of his songs in it thats already out!!!!!!!

    • Read the description in the bottom.. we all know the songs been out.. DICK.. 

  • It clearly already says that the songs have been mixed anyway the others down there vvvv probably didn’t fully read it or something.

  • kjw22

    Yea Its All DA Already Out There The Songs It’s “Thursday ft. Drake” “The Real Her ft. Drake” N “Make Me Proud” They Jus Mixed All Of Them N Put His Lyrics N It……… Really The Only Reason They Did This Cause He Wnated The New Artist “The Weeknd” To Get Out There N To Let Everyone Now That He’s Guna B Real Close To Drake Makin New Songs N Stuff

  • Joey Woods

    S o D o p e

  • Infamous 105

    farrout lovin this

  • hoho

    Ive never like Drakes slow songs. However that is who he is. That dagrassi dude. He’s like LL cool J only way better when he goes hard.

  • Jawan

    song isnt showing up on this page or The Real Her!!

  • Piura_009

    dammn niggas, when yall gonn stop makin so good music???? ?

  • Tkhenderson17

    yoooooooooo   whos better lil wyane drake

  • Tkhenderson17

    future nba player meeeeeeeeeeeee n ill meet drake n dunk on lebron james watch

  • Ah_ah_you

    i love it ^.^