New Music: Drake ft. Lil Wayne – The Motto (CDQ)

New Music: Drake ft. Lil Wayne – The Motto (CDQ)


Exclusive from Power 106, you get it first on the net from us, Drake feat. Lil WayneThe Motto (radio), bonus track on Drake’s Sophomore album “Take Care“. Drake drop this track tonight while on Power 106, produced by T-Minus. Let us know what you think. Take Care… November 15th.

DOWNLOAD | Drake ft. Lil Wayne – The Motto (CDQ)

  • Allyssia

    heey hunter R

  • bossy af

    dis kool

  • cdot

    fuck rmj school

    • CDOT


  • Dequarren


  • Jr Puga

    sick wit it…

  • Drizzydrakeslover123

    ha my main

  • Definitely one of my top favorites of Drake!!!! Gotta be the number one fan… No doubt that I like, love him! I see you Drake<3

  • Bebogonzalez4

    AwSoMe song DrAkE

  • Blaserking

    ya niggas know ya hatin because ya wish to be him go to hell ya ratchet mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aliviaskye

      Real Tawkk.

  • this is my song :) 

    fmot @LIpBiting:twitter 

  • Drake

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Yeah!

  • Aliviaskye

    Ma Shid. OMG Becky Look At Her Butt TUNCHI! <3

  • Isiah

    isiah this song is g shit, also i’m 21

  • desinnia

    i love this song

  • Sketch1er

    Shut up Zeke that song is cool:)

  • Gromc

    cool songs

  • Bailey Curtiss

    Why is everyone hatin’ this is a beast song

  • abc


  • andrea

    best song ever love <3 it

  • purpelecity

    hi im purplecity r leelee i <3 u drake but not more then my sister xoxoxox i wish you the best