Drake Music: Drake – Messages From You

Drake Music: Drake – Messages From You [Leaked]


New Drake Music, an Exclusive leaked track Drake – Messages From You. Drizzy is on that R&B! Check it out, what you guys think?

  • Drake – Messages From You – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Album/EP: Unknown
  • Akuaa

    Ohh thiss tunee has such a coool beat, and it just makes you reflect on things,
    However it sounds liek the beat is over powering your voice,

    I like the song though

  • jose

    this song is good.buh i prefer the hardcore lyrical drizzy

  • K’Shanecia

    The lyrics is coo but im obsessed with the beat !! ;-*

    i just think it should be longerr , it was so good! i wanted to hear more !

  • Legitt216

    this is just a leak,it ain done yet

  • Autumn Graham

    dis song is gud and i relate to it alot…..i luv it n him <3

  • Drake , I Really Love This Sonq .

  • Kai’Trick !

    I Love This Song Soo Muchh Since It Came Out ! I Had It For My Ringtonee For Like 5 Months Until I Broke My Phone !

  • Fresh allience


  • this song is old but i will never get ired of listening to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drizzybeats

    This song is off a mixtape, not new. Great song nonetheless :)

  • Raykwuan

    this my shit

  • Jayda Graham

    I Love This Song <3 ' I Can Have it on Repeat For Weeks At a Time & Wouldnt Get Tired of It !

  • Angelica

    love evrything of drake even the things that are embarising to him haha lol jk