Drake – Marvins Room

Drake – Marvins Room [audio]


Drake got some exclusive music out right now; Drake must be putting in work at the studio these days. Listen to this new track called “Marvins Room“. If you want some good news about Take Care, Drake says he will be dropping Take Care’s 1st single in July, so keep checking us back for that drop. The official album release for Drake’s Take Care album will be Drake’s birthday, October 24th.

[ DOWNLOAD ] – Drake Marvins Room


  • Leislyflyx3

    luv Drake I  wish I was the 1 he calls & qo 2 in his time of need

  • TheLegoRacerz

    true song feelin this right now :(

  • Brenixxx33

    alwas pull off amazing music with so much quality,.,.,.,hes more original then most in the game,.,.,giv em a few years hell take everything over,.,.,no dought as if he hasnt already lol

  • Andreadegarmo

    this song is great!

  • Miracleshumpert

    iLove you more than any of these thirsty hoes !

  • Marlena

    I really wanna now why he’s always so depressed……………… You can tell he’s depressed by the songs he’s writing. Try not to be depressed drake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • drizzy97

      He’s not depressed. He’s just talking about his PAST feeling and some of his present

  • Aminaaaaaa

    youtube is a bitch , cuz the one on there is NOTHING like this version ! -thankss :)

  • Abbylovesdrake

    This is tha best song by Drake <3 i love you soooo much Drake <3 you are tha most amazing rapper/singer ever! iv been listening to you scince your very first album! i loved you on Degrassi ! you are amazing and so is this song ! It makes me wanna cry <3 i LOVEEEEEEEE you Drake <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ;)

  • Nyben4lrd

    thumbs up for you drake….you are my best rapper for life


  • jus_Briana

    damnn, this deep

  • YUNG B

    i kant neva get tired of dis song 

  • kimberly

    marvins room realy got you thinkin

  • LIL 3D

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    Thanks Anyway And GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Doriaunao5172

    Drake i love this song it makes me want to cry

  • Doriaunao5172

    i love this song so much it makes me want to cry and…… im crying right now :(

  • Vickylockhart94

    this is a good ass song

  • Patricechalmers17

    disss sngg beastin omm

  • Jazzy Marie55

    <3 inn Drizzyy <3

  • Jroc_rashad

    my nigga drake mannn

  • fukk dat niga u love so badd

  • Chacara classy cutie

    i love this song so much i cry when i hear this song .its all so real. this makes you think abt all the stuff you been thru and going thru.. this makes me think abt my dad and everybody else who pasted. also all tha bad realationships and tha good ones .. ilove you DRAKE

  • Arcejenny51

    everytime i sing one of drakes songs .. it feels like hes right next to me singing with me ?

  • Felicia Gauh

    i love this song and darek is sooo cuteee (:

  • Shakiramickle13

    love it so much

  • faduma

    this song yhueee killed it lyke always drake! i love yhuee