Drake – I Get Lonely Too

Drake – I Get Lonely Too


Exclusive 1st track off Drake’s upcoming R&B album “It’s Never Enough”. Drake – I Get Lonely Too. His R&B mixtape is dropping later this year, track was produced by 40. Fire or not?

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    Album: Unknown

  • roseddie

    yur so sensitiveeee drizzyyyy ahhhh i love yuuuu <3 keep doin yur thinggg sweetiee us fanss supporting yu 24/8!
    (: we love yuuu

  • Drizzy! You keep talking from the heart bro. We love it you allow peps like me to be creative so thank you much.

  • lindseeyyy

    love it<3

  • you dont have to be.

  • liv

    Amazing in writing songs ,singing them,,even rapping on a track i guess its safe to say DRAKE does right and kills everythng…in other words hes just simply the best!

  • Your are Drake…with this song you just blowed me away…This shit is fire…:)

  • Leeonna Robinson

    MAd fucking geee <3 just the song i need at thispoint ''/

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    i love this song drizzy u r awesome

  • nathan crossley

    also sounds a bit like Trey Songz – Can’t Be Friends

  • Erin

    None of the links are working :o( Not this one, October’s Very Own, ATF……*sniff*

  • Mel

    He sounds good, of course. But it’s weird hearing him sing this song. This is TLC’s song off their “Fan Mail” album.

  • Jenese Reyna

    i really liked it.

  • This song is fire all the way. Sweet

  • Chris Gee

    This isn’t his song -___- its he just covered it so no he didnt go in or wrote that.

  • Perfect song, hit the spot…Cannot wait to see you in concert…14 days left

  • j-Sonic

    it touches my heart because it explains my life so much keep it up drizzy!!

  • Michael Mehlman

    Damn man, idk why but i cant get threw a day without bumpin to yahh songs, right now im at lunch in my school on the library computers, i spit bars with my friends all the time and hope one day can meet you and maybe spit some pars, who knows maybe i could be the new 15 year old addition to young money ….

  • ModelMeSmilez

    im loving this song and the beat :)

  • missbabygGraham.

    looovve lovvve lovee his voice <3
    he is amazing, and i cant wait for the release of the tape (:

  • Siahh

    Drake Iss By Far The BEST Artist In The World ;; I LOVE this Song

  • Hunter Watts


  • Londa Pooh

    I reallt loooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeee This song Drizzy you did your fucking thing i really love you …. and its sayn what im going trough

  • K-boogie11

    a like this song so much

  • Dixon Lenyra

    i love this song

  • C. Carr

    I love this song! Very talented soulful artist. Nothing you put out is bad sir!

  • Doriaunao5172

    im crying right now this song is so smooth i luv it so freaking much i luv u drizzy and always will oxoxoxo

  • Serlyneonair

    Fire….Nice Track 40….Smooth.

  • SoFia<33

    I Love <3 this song it was my song when me and my babe weren't dating but we have talked for almost a year when we finely tried thing out.

  • Fanatwu

    Just hearing this, all I can say is IM NEVER DISAPPOINTED WITH DRAKE! He makes me feel good about myself  ;-)

  • DeAnn Gabriel

    i love drake i love this song im gonna to name my son aurbery drake just for my future boo Drake

  • fire