Drake – Headlines

Drake – Headlines


Drake will be dropping his second single, “Take Care,” later this year, “Headlines,” is the first single from the album. What you think?

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  • Ophia

    nice but this is not a fire ;d 

    DMCB, Im on one, Marvin etc is better

    • Jaycjournal

      The flow of this song is more constant, I like it. Marvin’s Room and Trust Issues were learning more towards RnB.

  • Rahulblingz

    awwwwwwwwwwwsome fucking heat drizzzy done it again


    i heard this already
    like four months ago

    • wayne

      ya right where

  • Sterlingrowe97

    i like it so stop hating da guy

  • mayhem

    drizzy babay

  • deylovesdrizzy

    OMG I Love It <3 <3 :/ lol

    • Joepizzo

      its 10 dollars…..

      • deylovesdrizzy

        okay and your point is….? and not every CD is $10 when it first comes out.

  • Chinadoll

    I love this song <3

  • H Hatch48

    They wanna see me pick back up, well whered i leave it at.. damn

  • Jesse Gober

    Wow take care foreal

  • Daliasky2000

    nice song… the guy is not coping from any1 just DRIZZY style…  keep it up 

  • Libra’s World

    Drake did it AGAIN smh 4songs in 1mouth all hits who doin that cant wait until 10/24/11 come

  • zoink1

    Deffinetly a great song all honesty as he’s been being, my man drizzy drake is that work ;) he’s even honest about sayin he had shit when he didn’t exactly but now he does.. Whos really real like he is? Honestly?

  • krizzy k

    iiii lloooove this headlines the best ever “so far all these rappers sound like my childreen” they knoe they know drizzzyyy babbby young mula

  • ADG-Habzy08

    HEADLINES is one of those songs that you carry on singing throughout the day, I love this song so much.I waited a very long time to hear this song now that the wait is over, it was worth it, I knew Drake had something incredible up his sleeve. This is just one of the singles of TAKE CARE imagine the album when it is done… its gonna be the best in Rap/ Hip-hop history… Cant wait!!!

    • jazzypooh nicole harris

      im with you!!!  i was on like 5,0000 trying to find this song.  Now that i find it, i feel sooooo much better!!!!!!!!

    • Semajhill90

      I totally agree with u Drake is an amazing talent. Some guys are just artists but Drake is what i like to call a musician. I will be getting TAKE CARE when it comes out and for those who didn’t know…THEY KNOW THEY KNOW THEY KNOW!!!

      • MArredondo19

        U R right he just has an amazzzzzzzing talent . No wonder people lov him. He is just as good as Lil Wayne. Hell to da YEAH !!!!!!!!=•)

  • tblovesdrizzydrake

    Dang Mi boi drizzy you NEVER disappoint tou are an amazing and inspirational person i love you never stop cant wait to buy like 30,0000000 copies of TAKE CARE OVOXO!

  • Sainabou4627

    EPIC :)

  • mrjoshy47

    This is Drake’s way of saying im back and you can hate it or love it.

  • Marketdirector

    Drake has incredible talent but I’m sick of listening to songs about how much money him and Lil Wayne have. Do you have anything to talk about other than money?

  • Kidsky

    can someone give me a link to it because it was removed

  • Greg Guzman

    I love how niether Headlines or Marvins Room actually say the title in the song. When they do that i feel like it gives it more meaning to the song instead of just putting the phrase that repeats alot in the song. For example it couldve been called They Say lol

  • RastaMan

    drizzy is the Truth.


    you could do better

  • drizzy this is beast, but dont worry about just dropping 16 bars. Do what you feel but lovin it so far

  • Be Tea

    Drake , do you have plans to visit Kazakhstan?! the city of Almaty. I would be insanely happy! dayum..

  • Be Tea

    does anyone know how to contact the Drake?! please reply

  • EarBudzzzz

    Luv Drizzy Drake! I’ll be waiting for ur album to drop!!!

  • Kai’Trick !

    I KNOW !

    • Be Tea


  • Maceira2310


  • Alianmhernandez

    man who knows drake’s email?

  • Alianmhernandez

    man who knows drake’s email?

  • alian483

    man who know’s drakes email?

  • Myfutureisrap

    aight its tight dont bite but when it comes to wayne drizzy cant rock the mike… waynes the best but drakes a killa for sure hurry up carter 4& take care

  • Quincy_williams_113

    dis song go in BUMPIN dis shyt on replay all day….if u aint a Drake fan Kill YOURSELF Ha

  • RB10

    they know, they know, they know!

  • KerriGoesRawr

    Thiis Is Good…I Mean Not His Best. I Like Marvins Room And Trust Issues Better…They Have Something This Song Doesnt. (No Hatinn’)

  • Robertc Power

    Yo headline mavins room and trust issues were real. they spoke volumes boi. Keep Doin it Big. Cant wait for the Take Care album. 

  • Ireneviera80

    I love it…He is great with his words!  I can’t wait till the album drops!  I still by CD’s lol.  However I am very selective of what artists I spend my money on when it comes to buying albums on a CD, and I bought Drakes 1st album and every single song in the album is great! One of my favorite is Fireworks!  Given that the CD’s are not cheap these day’s raising two boys on my own.  I have to say I will most definitely go and buy it the first day it hits the store just like last time.  He is worth my hard earned money!

  • Ayeeitslakenx3

    this is dope. pure and simple.

  • lilmizzdrizzy;)

    DRAKE!! i hear the name and it just gives me the chills!!!!! headlines one of the best song eva!!!! yep im wath i call the biggest fan!!!! love u drizzy ……….TAKE CARE……….

  • Olivianieves

    damnn drake is flyyy<3

  • KR3W89


  • LoueeLost15

    OHMYGOSH, this my shit bruh. Drake is the B E S T rapper alive other than Lil Wayne :).

  • drizzyback

    i made a remake of this song its good but and cant top this song nothin can

  • Onaejoyner

    . lol Drake smh

  • Sexylady

    . lol niggah kilLed it (((: good song Drizzy !

  • MArredondo19

    Headlines is da best song !!!!!!! I<3 it ! Even da music video … Good Job Drake !!!! Love Ya!!! =•]

    • MArredondo19

      You Are Soooo Young Money !!!!! $$$$$

  • drizzy drake jr

    i’m a big drizzy drake fan

  • Kiddswagg

    the real is on a rise fuck them other guys

  • Krazkelsey96

    money overeverything mone on my mind <3

  • Contrerasstarr

    i <333 this songg soooooooo much