Chris Brown Disses Drake On Freestyle (Audio)

Chris Brown Disses Drake On Freestyle (Audio)


Shots are now being fired! Chris Brown released a lyrical freestyle attack on Drake today on Chief Keef‘s “I Don’t Like” track. Brown makes it real apparent that he’s talking about Drake too. Are we going to have a freestyle battle? Chris’ remix features several jabs at Drake, his music, appearance and reputation — although Brown commends Drake’s Young Money counterparts Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj–in lyrics: “One on one, what you scared bruh …Them eyebrows, man them sh–ts is Yikes!” and “OVO you overdose, YOLO no, I live twice!“. I hope Chris knows what he’s getting into, because we think Drizzy would murder Breezy in a freestyle if Drake replies back… We’ll just have to wait and see.

Chris briefly references the alleged June 14 melee between him and members of Drizzy crew at NYC’s W.i.P. nightclub, saying “They throwing bottles/I’m throwing models.

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  • Daniella Lollar

    That freestyle that Chris brown did was lame ass hell. I could of done better than that better yet my kids at my daycare can freestyleE better than that crap Chris brown try to do.

    • yes. Chris is not a rapper he is a singer.

      • Daniella Lollar

        I know Chris is a singer so he needs to stay in that area cause he can’t freestyle

      • He was.

  • ‘I don’t like’..the look of dis!…

  • Wtfidk Gisselle Martinez

    ok hold my purse im about to go jackie chan on his ass now.

  • chantelle dupree

    Wow… Seriously!!! Chris Browns verse has got to be the most pathetic attempt of a so-called slam at Drake. Did he say he was throwing models!!?? What models is he talking about?? He must be referring to that transvestite hes’s dating… U know the one who’s using him to get famous. Chris needs to listen to his momma and back off. LOL.

    • My baby Drake would have Killed and Murdered Chris Brown in freestyle rapping. Chris Brown needs to stick to singing R&B instead of trying to rap and not succeed at it! Chris Brown’s verse SUCKED and could not even compare to ANY of Drake’s songs!

  • Alan Trill Trujillo


  • Wtf? … Chris Brown WAS cool .. Until he tried to diss my BABY DADDY… DRIZZY DRAKE<33 … IDGAF!!!! This MOTHERFUCKER better chill t'f out cause if Drake decides to stoop to his fuckin level of fucking imaturity & respond then chris brown will have some hirt feelings & thats some real shit!! He better chill t'f out before I make a rap 'bout him like Keyes did about Nicki Minaj & my rap is gonna hurt him like hell … So he better stop fucking with my nigga.

  • Wow Chris Brown no one likes you get out!! Drake will destroy you…just stop chris.

    • Daniella Lollar

      The only one that probably still like him is his mama


    that was pathetic… sorry but everyone knows that Chris sucked. Drake could absolutely, with no doubt, MURDER Chris when it comes to rapping. Plus some of the stuff Chris said was just dumb and childish. Now if Drake responds… there is gonna be some REAL SHIT said.

  • being real it was gangsta but he fuckin with drizzy so his career is over. but still they got too much mothafukin money to be fightin for no fuckin reason. FUCK THAT HOE BROS.

  • Aja Young

    that’s why chris brow got a booger in his nose in the picture up there

    • Heck naw I just noticed that. However. #Team Breezy SIIIIKKKKKEEEE! (Chris thought he had a fan) #TeamDrizzy. There’s just this authentic feel that Drake gives through his music that very few artists can match.

    • Thats why it was a nose ring? lol

  • Fuck that nigga Chris Brown that shit was wack. Drake would kill him in a battle any day.

  • advice chris boys should not meddle with men drake man and you is just a boy so it disappears,<3 drizZZy ..,,,

  • Well ima G lady, I really like the freestyle hit up…NICE! lets get it Drake lets see what you got going
    honestly i like both drake and chris…..

  • Chris Brown need to sit fuck down and stop raping because.this shit is I u drake murder in a freestyle and chris stick to sing because u cant rap,drake I u r in booth right now I hope u beat the shit of chiris brown and end his creer

  • Chris Brown…you just fucked yourself…Drake is goin to pull out his long thick rap skills and ass rape you untill all your fans straight up Domino. Not only do you lip sing, you also beat women….let’s be real if you wouldn’t of got caught you would still be doing it….oh yeah I like how he kissed Wayne and Nickis ass so he wouldn’t have to deal with them…..WRONG! You have to deal with them niggas too since you fired the first shot. But as Drake prepares to end your career, I hope you pray to some god that Drake has a change of heart or Wayne makes sure his diss never happens or somethin because this nigga Drake…..if he responds is going to make sure you never EVER takes shots at him OR the OVOXO gang..Bitch.

  • HYFR drizzzy gonna kill Chris!!! stwwwwwwwwwwww he a lil bwoy yet!! steppin to Drake!! #audacity!!! *THAT’S Y I SEE NO NEED TO COMPETE WITH NIGGAS LIKE YALL I JUST ASK WHEN U SEE ME U SPEAK UP NIGGA THATS ALL!!!! HATERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • ChRiS’ dIsS iX wAcK.LeTs AlL wAiT 4 dRiZzY’.hE’s GoNnA kIlL iT!

  • ChRiS’ dIsS iX wAcK.LeTs AlL wAiT 4 dRiZzY’.hE’s GoNnA kIlL iT YEAH!#TeAm DrAkE.

    • Chris Gale

      Damn people still write like this? I could of sworn this was played out generations ago.

  • I hate Chris brown! His music is crap and he can’t even sing! That freestyle wasn’t even a diss it was pathetic! If Drake decided to reply back, he would kill Chris brown and Drakes freestyle would be bigger and better! Drake has more fan base than Chris brown could dream of! Drizzy all the way <3

  • Really?..i thought this whole story was wrapped up?.Chris you shouldn’t have ever started freestyling my man!.Drake sweety.don’t waste your time on some “wana be”..errbody knows that way better than him! aint worth it! BE THE BIGGER NIGGA!

  • I honestly think Chris Brown is doing to much. That freestyle was whack!!! 9/10 Drake won’t respond back with a freestyle. While Chris Brown called Drake a p***y, him making this freestyle to prove I don’t know what shows how much of a p***y he is…..

  • I’m sorry but Chris brown sounds so stupid as hell! What’s with all this fuckery? Its over. You got serveddddd! Lol I liked that movie too.

  • Please, stop rapping dude. That was wack as hell, it sucked really badly… omg. Among the worst I’ve heard in a while.. hehe.

  • On #Movahh Drake Will Murder Him in a Rap Battle stick to singing Breezy #DRIZZYDRAKE ALL DAY F**k Chris Brown thats why drake got rihanna Love that Nigga Drake <3 <3

  • Drake’s not gonna go down on that punk ass niggas level

  • Hahahaha! Really? Make the diss by yourself. Not with 5 other people. Drake goes harder, just by himself.

  • chris brown please go home !
    IF drake was to answer back he would make chris browns words seem like he got em out of a rubbish bin
    aubrey drake graham my man <3

  • really? chris brown is bout to get bombed on
    hope drake doesnt pull and pumches. destroy destroy!

  • really man! c’mon! only reason little boy brown gave nikki a shout out cause you dont want her coming after you too. shots are fired. like i said befor i really hope he get his from drake.

  • Singers Sing and Rappers Rap So Yolo Yes coz yhu live your life lyk a Bitch Yhu are once and aint no Drizzy Who’s gonna get on yhu coz yhu in some lame ass hell of a diss which yhu better back off b4 Drizzy comes spiting out the real Diss on yhu

  • chris brown needs to chill cause my baby drake will take that nigga downnnn. he’ll take him down physically and lyrically. team drizzy?

  • Zak Alrubay


    • Perry Lee

      Bitch you sound stupid

  • Daniella Lollar

    It’s funny how people think Chris brown goes hard. Yea Chris brown can dance and sing but Drake goes harder. And Drake is not even sweatin’ over Rihanna sooo…

  • Like weezy goona be on Chris’s side. Nice try Chris but u suck drake whooped your ass once and its gonna happen again..

  • Freddie Benson

    uh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh… Drizzy don’t do it the boi ain’t worth it :/

  • Rayan Maarbani

    What is this fuckery? Shittest freestyle/diss I’ve ever heard. Please Chris, stop making freestyles and stop rapping, just stick to singing. Chris better pray that Drizzy doesn’t make a dissing freestyle aimed at him cause Drake’s verse would murder his ass. I don’t think Drake will tho, cause the difference between Drake and Chris is maturity. I still like Chris, but I’ve lost a lot of respect for him, I thought he was better than this. THAT OVO AND THAT XO IS EVERYTHING I BELIEVE IN!


    Not Anyone can fuck with Drake!!! Drake Answer and fuck Pusha t Common Ludacris and Chris Brown!!!! Dont Fuck with YMCMB From 2 places you are the place 3 hahaha

  • chris needs to just let it go and grow up thats cold cuz they use to be cool… i hope drake doesn’t respond and shows chris how to let go of childish stuff like that…..and how do u throw a model? lol

  • helen alemu

    Gayest shit ever!!!! Chris is right he does throw models he proved that when he was with Rihanna. You’ll nvr be half the man Drake is cuz he’s perfect he’s smart,talented,and beautiful inside and out. So do me a favor you repulsive little bitch and KYS! DONT FUCK WITH MY MAN!
    P.S. Drake is sexy and he has wayyy more swag so idk why u even dissing Drake u started the bar fight! Or why u released this track anyways, its shit !
    <3 Drizzy


      well said! lol chris is a bitch nigga and hes mad drake fucked his bitch.

  • ashley sacchetti

    chris go beat some more women you homo, stick to singing you bitch

  • ashley sacchetti

    only way he throws models is when hes beating them


    its drake all day chris brown better watch his fuckin step. he talks about drake throwing bottles like girls? but chris brown loves to fight girls(rihhana) lol what a fuckin joke…

  • Chris can take a seat . Ill even bring his ass a chair ! That shit he call freestyle was whack ! As you can see Drake ain’t worried about his ass, he even said that he don’t respond to disses in one of his songs so if he looking for another fight he going about it the wrong way . Ovo til I die <3

  • chris, u really need to stop, you do not know what you are doing, the only rap i would give u props on is “look at me know” , thats it, be realistic bro, you cant live twice with yo hypothetical ass, and you couldnt kill drake even if u tried, but go ahead, dissin on drake THATS THAT SHIT ID LIKE

  • Hirvin Paredes

    Ha wanna know whats yikes bruh your hair ha you amber rose looking mofo!

  • I think that Drake has been calling for this diss, but both of them are immature druggies. Drake i thought you were different but I guess your just an overdosed rapper. Now that’s what I don’t like.


    Drake would slaughter him without applying any effort, the lyrical capability he has on 5am in Toronto was straight fire, ain’t no match discussion over :)

  • mckenna_atubro

    OVOXO is right. Chris is dirt under Drake’s feet. And he wants to talk about appearance ???