Audio: Drake – Do It All (Prod. by Rob Holladay)

Audio: Drake – Do It All (Prod. by Rob Holladay)


Check out this EXCLUSIVE fresh new Drake track titled “Do It All”, Produced by Rob Holladay. This track was off an unofficial “No More Thank Yous” mixtape. It’s got that chill laid back vibe that you can just vibe to. Here’s the Drake – Do It All Lyrics.

My judgement never clouded, that’s why I’m steady yellin weather man, weather man! How bout whatever man, I’m tryna fuck with tinker bell in Neva Neva-land.

What’s your favorite quote from this track?

P.S. A lot of people are wondering if Drake has gone platinum in the US yet, the answer is not yet but soon. Drake currently has sold 782,000 units in the US.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Do It All

  • #BigYMFan

    & Drake does it again! YMOE!

  • DennisYurDaddy

    This Is Pretty Down
    Keep It Up(;

  • DJ Continuum

    Another great track. The beat is ridiculous.

  • Drake always does it big. He The “Muthafuckin man”

  • eddie aka babe e

    yeah drake good track but i want to let u no that im a rapper an im the best in my hood i no u dont no me but if u give me a chance i will do any thing my school is WESTSIDE HIGH SCHOOL im only 15 years old just give me a chance please.

  • Bra This Shyt Right Here GO Hella Dumb, Aye Drizzy Keep Doiing Yo Thang F Dem Hatas, You On Top no homo lol But Real Shyt You does yo thang BIg ups

  • Gotta revisit this song once in a while. Do it Drizzy. Kill Everything