Aaliyah feat. Drake – Enough Said

Aaliyah feat. Drake – Enough Said


Exclusive new posthumous Aaliyah track has just dropped and you get it first here! The new track from Aaliyah featuring Drake titled “Enough Said“. Today Drake is headlining his OVO Fest and what better way to get the day going by dropping an exclusive. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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  • Dominique Dinkins

    toughh song (drizzy’s the best rappr alive!)

  • Alisha Sydney Marie Armstrong

    If we had one wish, we would wish for Drake to meet Aaliyah. He truly deserves it & proved his love for her in this song. It was amazing <3
    – Anabely & Alisha

    • Shayla Janay

      I totally agree!

  • Good love song by Aaliyah feat Drake R.I.P Baby Girl

  • mahogony327@gmail.com

    enough said …this song is the music version of the dark knight rises

  • Luv Luv Luv this song x <3 x <3

  • Katherine Victoria

    This is so funny now , drake hinted about this song on his twitter on July 27 when he wrote

    Tell me what would you like me to do…to help you…help me…help you. a direct quote from the new Aaliyah song.

  • <3 <3 LOVE IT <3<3

  • helen alemu

    This really gets deep.Its just perfect! Everything and more!
    RIP Aaliyah

  • I <3 it Keep up the Good work … Drizzy :D

  • Damn i feel this this song!! Best duo ever!!! XOXO

  • yet again Mr Graham as always youve impressed me just love listening to your stuff especially the ones youve go further then spose to

  • Love this song , Drake has showed the world he can be good at anything . .

  • Damn this song is amazing!! :))

  • ??? ????

    from the first time I heard this song I can not stop hearing it. I love it !!
     R I P Aaliyah always love u & always be number 1 for me
    and the project that drizzy & 40 making for her i can not wait already!
    it’s going to be amazing <3

  • Hotness!! Thank you for reminding me how much I love Aaliyah’s music. Can’t wait for the project to be finished. It will be in heavy rotation on my iTunes.

  • Love this song! Thank u for bringing back Aaliyah Drake!

  • This song saddened me. Alliyah deserved a much better tribute.
    Quite frankly, there could have been less boasting and more real lyric to accompany the vocals. That would have made it absolutely amazing.
    R.I.P. Alliyah.