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101 Top Drake Songs To Listen To (Fan Post)

11. Drake – “Slow It Down”. This one is just absolutely delightful. Drake has a wonderful mix of reserve and excitement in this song, and he has an incredible voice. Not like an Usher or a Chris Brown, but an incredibly decent voice that’s easy on the ears. Equally important, this song has a great mood…the mixed emotions of love. Great song.

12. Drake – “Bollywood Flow”. This song is the complete uninterrupted truth. I loved his flow in this song.

13. Drake – “Think Good Thoughts” (featuring. Phonte & Elzhi, produced by 9th Wonder). True Anita Baker fans will love this song, since it samples her hit “Sweet Love“.

14. Drake – “Light Up (Thank Me Later)” featuring Jay-Z. This one provides you as much thought as feeling, and has great balance between the two.

15. Drake – “Hate Sleeping Alone”. Drake delivers an emotional and climactic performance, even though the song is amazingly cohesive. But it’s not without its flaws. It definitely could have used more variation.

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