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101 Top Drake Songs To Listen To (Fan Post)

86. J. Cole feat. DrakeIn the Morning“. Rainy nights with a glass of wine – this song definitely conjures memories of those times.

87. Drake feat. Stevie WonderDoing It Wrong” . Accompanied by strings and piano notes, Drake’s voice takes on an ethereal quality on this track. Stevie Wonder adds his signature sound to the song and makes it even better. Drake’s beautiful voice drips raw emotion on this deeply personal track and you can virtually feel the heartache he sings of resonate through the speakers.

88. Drake “You Know, You Know” . This track was produced by none other than Kanye West. This song will make anyone want to hop in the car with Drake and Kanye, for its amazing beats and flawless lyrics.

89. Drake “The Last Hope”. A great tune that doesn’t get boring.

90. Drake “Tell Me Lies” . Sounds like something that should of been featured on the “Just Wright” movie sdtk. Drake takes a Nelly-like approach to the song: he’s half-singing and half-rapping… and it works well for him. The song fits like a glove and I love it!

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