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101 Top Drake Songs To Listen To (Fan Post)

81. Meek Mill feat. Drake and JeremihAmen“. The title says it all.

82. 2 Chainz feat. Drake “No Lie“. 2 Chains part is a perfect example of the fact that there are many rappers now but very few lyricists. Apparently, all you have to do is put random words that rhyme together and throw a beat on top of it and…presto! You’re a rapper! In my opinion, the little that Drake added saved this entire track.

83. Sean Garrett feat. Drake “Feel Love“. A very nice song about the true feeling when one falls in love.

84. Rihanna feat. Drake “What’s My Name?“. Simple, but it works.

85. Jamie Foxx feat. Drake “Fall for Your Type“. I didn’t like this particular track at first but the song actually grew on me.

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