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101 Top Drake Songs To Listen To (Fan Post)

66. Drake feat. VoyceAll This Love”. This track is great. However, I feel that its stay-power will fade as the hook can be annoying after a while.

67. Drake “Share”. This track, despite repetitive subject matter, is absolutely amazing.

68. Drake feat. Rich BoyMust Hate Money”. This track is hard to rate. I love the beat, the subject matter, and Drake’s and Rich Boy’s flow.

69. Drake “Asthma Team”. This track is actually right on level with a Jay – Z or Kanye West track.

70. Drake feat. Richie SosaEasy To Please”. This track contains great lyrics with average beats, believe it or not. That’s what classic hip-hop was built on. Hip-Hop/Rap is RHYTHM AND POETRY, not RHYTHM AND GREAT BEATS.

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