Tank feat. Drake – Celebration Lyrics

Tank feat. Drake – Celebration Lyrics


Now is a celebration
oh girl lets celebrate
yeah it’s a celebration
oh girl lets celebrate
baby tonight I’m yours
baby come on in and wrap your gift
know you can find it in stores
some tailormade for you

it’s oooh, oooooooh
you dont wanna miss this it feels like it’s Christmas
like ohh, ohhhhhhhhh
yeah its a holiday but I’m open for business
we got a bottle of that Rose
baby we gon celebrate
make it feel like its your brithday
baby girl lets celebrate
party after party I cant wait to celebrate
all up on your body
baby your my sensei
baby 4th of July
right between your thighs it’s like fireworks
just light up the sky
don’t need no reservation your my invitation
to this love making
this a celebration

when you last close the door
lets teach you this sex education
since you passed every course
hats off to your graduation
it’s like oooh, ooooooooh

How’d I do how’d I do, baby tell me how you feel
They say real girls ain’t never perfect, perfect girls ain’t real
I’d I agree, but I guess we’ll just wait and see
Cause I swear you act like perfect is the only way to be
Nothing matters ‘cept for you, don’t let no one out here blind you
Don’t remember why you love me, please allow me to remind you
And I know you left me once, but I came right back to find you
Even though I like being in your past you got a bright future behind you
Oh, damn, oh
Girl I must admit I look amazing next to you
Girl you crazy, sexy, cool and you stayed obsessed to school
But thats good, cause you know that them grades impress me too
And my free days are just for you, but I don’t get many
Its like every time we spend time, it feels like the first time
Cause we never spend enough time, you catch me at the worst time
It ain’t like your not worth time, just I don’t control it
But tonight I made it happen just to celebrate the moment
Give it up one time

  • denise

    tank!!! <3 lol

    • denise

      this song is the stuff lol

  • Alexandrea

    love this song…great callobo.

  • erin

    drakes part is fucking amazing<3 i love him

  • Belen molina (:

    i love this song :D (:

  • gorgeous bianca

    how i’d do . how i’d do …..
    They say real girls ain’t never perfect, perfect girls ain’t real
    I’d I agree, but I guess we’ll just wait and see
    Cause I swear you act like perfect is the only way to be

    drake is the best : )

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    I love u. Mwah still hands down this 1 killed it…lol damn cant wait baby cant wait counting down the days til im w u. Lol no more perfection u could b u lol lol jj. Love u mwah.

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Nte baby im 2 tired 2 post 2nte so im gonna pull a u n wait til 2morrow. Lol mwah i love u n miss u n wanna kiss u n n n jj im being a brat…..lol i love u always n 4ever. Mwah u always do excellent baby always lol mwah almost baby almost then we gonna break the head board n make sum noise….lol mwah sweet dreams baby love u. Mwah ill post in the afternoon k. Oh n ill probably leave 4 cali on the 5th after moms bday k. Mwah love u. Thx 4 being the best cant wait 2 give u the best cos u deserve so much more. Love u. ;0*

  • godsdaughter92

    who is Mrs A.D. Graham??

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    LOL LOL as i wink my eye. Lol well all i could say 2 all ur posts is hummmmmmmmm im 2 tired 2 acknowledge it so sweet dreams i hope ur not headed in the direction here we go again cos member ur picking this fight not me. Nte my light beam. ;0*

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Damn been waiting 2 see that video…lol okay okay like what u doin and trust me I went surfing…lol still want a couple more days w out technology n yea I seen the comericals lol tell bull he’s doin his thing awe papi..lol Got a couple more courses I need 2 brush up on so the silence of not hearing the tweets is excellent ;o) so now u want s&m lol lol hummm okay but I dont really think ur ready so u might have 2 wait a lil while longer 4 that…lol Always n 4ever do n Always n 4ever will MWAH XXX ;O* Still aint heard my name so u still play’n, humm might go back 2 the club n cause u some more pain…. Have a beautiful day light beam n dont get mad what u see cos u still have pic of u kissing lyssa on screen….. When will u learn when will u learn I dont have no GPS this time…. it’s gonna b hard 2 find n see me…lol u picked it. plus u still showed me no name love smh but I do like the video what happened 2 the red heels tho??? Have a nice day. Mwah Daddy!!!!

  • niya

    i luv drakes part omg he all ways shock me with something he go hard

  • Jo

    i LOVE this song. The fact that it doesnt have any curse words makes it all that more appealing. It’s still sexy and intreeging and the words are clean. I sware you’d think that now-a-days thats impossible to achieve

  • lety24

    omg i love this song its fuccin good it makes want to cry 4 sum reason i guess its tha flow of it

  • I Love Dis Song DRAKE Keep Dat Swagga Up Bay<3
    Much Love Much Love!
    N TANK Yer Voice Is Soo Mother Fuckin Sexy<3

  • Angel Sanchez

    Yes!  ;o* 48hours to come > > sum WET!  LOL  “tap tap tap from the glass bottles,  come out and playyyyyyyy!”  LOL LOL LOL LOL BRING IT, Im READY!  ONE!


    yes promise you have 24 hours to show proof, one has the address!