Rihanna feat. Drake – What’s My Name Lyrics

Rihanna feat. Drake – What’s My Name Lyrics


Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
whats my name, whats my name

I heard you good with them soft lips
Yeah you know word of mouth
the square root of 69 is 8 something
cuz I’ve been tryna work it out, oooow
good weed, white wine
I come alive in the night time
okay, away we go
only thing we have on is the radio
ooooh, let it play, say you gotta leave
but I know you wanna stay
you just waiting on the traffic jam to finish girl
the things we could do in twenty minutes girl
say my name, say my name
wear it out, its getting hot, crack a window, air it out
I can get you through a mighty long day
soon as I go the text you gon right is gon say…

Not everybody knows how to work my body
knows how to make me want it
boy you stay up on it
you got that something that keeps me so off balance
baby you’re a challenge, lets explore your talent

[Chorus x2]
hey boy I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me
hey boy, I really wanna be with you
cause you just my type
ooh na na na na
I need a boy to really take it over
looking for a girl to put you over
oooooh, oooooh

Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
whats my name, whats my name

Baby you got me, aint nowhere that I’d be
then with your arms around me
back and forth you rock me
so I surrender, to every word you whisper
every door you enter, I will let you in


You’re so amazing, you took the time to figure me out
thats why you take me, way past the point of turning me on
you bout to break me, I swear you got me losing my mind

Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name

Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
whats my name, whats my name



  • nijah

    drake came hard as always best rapper alive ?

    • ……..

      Uhm no he is not eminem is the best rapper alive

      • andrea hamlett

        they are both good its just that eminem has been aroud longer and has got better and drake is bringing food to the table as he gets paid am i right am i right oooh yes!im sooooo right!

      • aryanii zbustillo

        hahahaha yeahh u rite.. eminem is the best rapper:)

    • Katiee

      Totally :) I Lovee Himmm (:

    • diva

      you really got it right i know what u really mean

  • itsrany[:

    oh na na na !

  • Ryan

    drake say you just waiting on the traffic jam to finish girl
    not you just waiting on the track to finish girl

  • DRAKE just need to gone and have sex with RIHANNA LmAO. I know I would lol real talk. I know they both what to very bad lol they probly could not stop thinkin about each other after they where done lol. The song was greate as always if DRAKE or RIHANNA is on it

    • miracle

      rihanna don’t need drake. drake NEEDS TO STAY AWAY from that girl. she BAD NEWS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Divine Goddess

        rihannna and drake dated for a little while after she broke up with chris, but it didnt work out. they are just friends now. they look good together tho

      • This song is really cool. Love the collaboratiom,the video, everythin bout it! That was a gr8 performance

    • robin

      no he shouldnt the onli one havin sex wit him is me nd onli me

      • chris


  • SymoneilyDrake

    This is a really good song, i wounder who came up/ produced it . I justed to love Rhiannah but, she’s changed soo much and it seames like she doesn’trespect herself, thereofre juys walk all over her. I wish she was the old, fun, gorgeous her and not a red haeded scico. But anyways, Drizzy’s park is this best, its sooo stuck in my head!
    i love you Drizzy Drake<3333!

  • itsrany[:

    drake songg is alwayss stuckk in myy headd so is thiss one i love thisss ALOTT[:

  • bryan

    drake is the shitness


  • miracle

    omg, i love thsi song. drake is foo fucking sexy. & he’s only 23. hollla. lmfao. rihanna’; she used to be coool, but now since the whole chris brown & cutting her hair (SHE NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT) i don’t really like her now. but DRAKE , YOUR AMAZING. (:
    Love ya drake,
    Miracle (:

    • Divine Goddess

      rihanna had short hair before the chris brown assault…

  • Joe

    Correction its not “you just waiting on the track to finish girl”
    Its *”you just waiting on the trafic jam to finish girl”*

  • LissaBabyyyy.

    Rihanna sucks so bad, she’s an ugly bitch. Drake is sexy as hellllll and could do so much better than her ugly asss. She has a pig nose. And she’s nasty. & should go fuck with someone that really wants her, and isn’t just using her for the fame. Thankssss :D i love aubrey drake graham. <3.

    • ……..

      Drake is not good at all he sukks and rhianna goes hard so whats ur problem and btw drake is so not cute:) just sayin lol

    • Vanessa

      Tru Dat

    • LIL B

      hey lissa babyyyy! RIRI doesn’t suck, after all she’s kickin’ her NASTY game, and she been ugly was what attracted drizzy, her pig nose was even what drake wanted more. And if she wants 2 do d F thing i bet u she’ll do it with some1 even cuter than him, just stay cul and watch her play her game.

  • robin

    uhh all des qirls need two fall back evabody know drake mine.

  • :]Ms.Smily[:

    Drake and Rihanna i dink look gud 2gether but idkk aint a expert lol

  • lexi crump


    • andrea hamlett

      give more details i dont get beats

  • lexi crump

    luv this song

  • lexi crump

    hot drake

  • lexi crump

    fine drake

  • mimy

    cool rihannaaaaaa :*:*:*:*:*

  • Kirbie

    Never hate anythang this man does

    • andrea hamlett

      yep i know glad he is finding his love! get it.

  • Dash

    I think theres an error wid da lyrics it should be ‘you just waitin on the traffic jam to finish girl’ not ‘you just waitin on the track to finish girl’

  • Levella Smith

    ‘Oh nana it’s Rihanna…”

  • Omg drake and Rihanna was lookin so cute in the video 2 gether

  • shak

    drake is the best singer and rapper alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ariel v.k.v Lola

    Kk ppl evabody nos dat rihanna look a hot messx knw but is still pretty no matter wut nd drake mayb da best rapper 2 me n mi opinion but stop hatin bc dey both richer than u personally dnt tke dis offensive but since christmas comin up by some bout both of em nd ull c da real dem nd drizzy kills it on eva song nd rihanna so ya drizzy so sexcii nd all yall need ta get a life nd stfu wit dis drama shxt wit rihanna nd chris short hair rihanna nd drake y does it matter 2 u its their life nd they kan do w.e tha fuck dey wanna do wit it

  • Ariel v.k.v Lola

    i no wut chris did 2 rihanna was bad but so old dat shxt so last yr nd btw 4 da nosey ppl if u cut ur hair nd dyed it nd u only liked it but u wld u change it bc sum1 said it was ugly nd memba dis 4 a fact dat tha choice is urs not sum1s opinion like tha red in rihannas hair is bright but still pretty nd her hairstyle is too but wut if lil wayne cut off all his hair or drake was bald like brittney spears it wldnt change their personality its them inside or out personality speaks it all everything in truth or honesty nd if u eva met ny of dese ppl or friends wit dem ull no wuts true but untill u no tha truth its neva real

  • Ariel v.k.v Lola

    if ur gonna b mean 2 sum1 or sumthing check urself b4 u reck urself bc it happens 2 ppl alot nd karma is crap also i changed my email to romanteya@aol.com where u can reach me but seriously cut it out da song is gud rite its not bout drama its bout da fun nd luhv u like bout it nd dance moves u cld make up out of dis song its awesum nd i no it by heart mostly only drakes part and part of rihannas so back 2 da chase fuck off haters nd btw wut if rihanna or drake wuz u how wld u feel bout fans going crazy nd magazines r n 4 trouble nd dey only tke pics 4 money so paparazzi r sum sick ppl dey shld b ashamed nd leave da famous rich ppl alone!!!

  • LIL B

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn dis song’s so hmmmma, i luv it. Luv drizzy anywayz his so cul, and of course riri one of ma best female artist. So cute 2gether.

  • Jacobia Smith

    Lissababyyyy riri isn’t an ugly bitch. This song is even beautiful than u iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii luv it vvvvery much. i don’t need to see u. Riri’s songs are cuuuuuuuuuuul.

  • shan

    Hey does anyone know what the whole

    “the square root of 69 is 8 something”

    line all about?

  • Dave

    I think drake fuk the shit out of her and she kept yelling oh na na.. And he would say what’s my name.. So now they chose to write a song about it.

  • Ariel v.k.v Lola

    1st of all Lisa Babii u r tha babii who eva said rihanna was ugly nd second of all 2 who eva said drake nd rihanna got low n tha bed nd made a song bout it duzent mean it really hapoened songs r made 4 a reson nd tha reson is 4 them 2 get money nd pay bills duh thtz how lyfe iz

  • lety24

    omg i fuccin love this song drake is so lyricall every tyme u give him a song he no’s to work wit it real well i really love this song bcuz tha two best ppl that i love tha most r singin it 2gether its just perfect couldn’t ask for any betta i think this song is gonna b hear for ever its not gonna go any wear so all of u ppl that r hatin on drake or rihanna stop fuccin hating for once in ur fuccin lyf nd b real for once u should be appericated that u have drake bcuz there is nothing betta than drake in tha game rght now than now DRAKE I FUCCIN LOVE U DRAKE i hope u stay in tha game 4 ever nd i wish u tha best of fuccin luck nd keep on going wit ur amazing career no body is gonna stop u now bcuz if they didnt stop u now then that means that there never gonna stop u bcuz ur so powerful nd amazing i hope to hear form ur music in 2011

    • letisha

      u is a f8888 gay them is a devil whershiper

  • Arian

    Uhm no drake is not eminem is the best rapper alive!

  • letisha

    rihanna is a bad girl i dont loike her she is a slutt and a whore i don’t loike her she she is a duppy

    • Aubrey

      You betta shut your fucking mouth up Rihanna is the best singer i love her and if u aint got nothing good to say then shut the fuck up. Peace im out bitch

  • kali

    i think all yall olks hatein on rihanna needs to shut yo mother ******* face cause i dont see you up there on stage for a liveing and until i do see you up there you can get some toilet paper wipe your mouth and stop talking sh*t cause yu cant do any better then rihanna o drake cause there the greatest singers along with eminem (EVEN THOUGH EMINEM AINT IN THIS SONG) peace out bit*hes

  • muji

    LIL WAYNE….say it!! and don’t forget it(the best rapper alive)

  • Mundia

    Playa haters need to shut up!!!first off,who asked 4 ur opinion evn?if u aint got nothn gud 2say,shut ur beak stupid face!!!Ðrake n lil ms sunshine r world renowned artists,get dat thru ur thick skull.so no mata wht u say or do,aint gonna change nothin.I am African nd i will tel u tht thoz two r luvd by evry1 here cuz they got talent.period!!! If u got sumthng 2 say 2 me,say it 2 my face.+260968402227.it beta nt be stupid cuz i’l hit u with an assegai, fool!!!dats if u evn knw wat dat is.Proudly Zambian.

  • madison

    i love this song i hear it every morning when im gettin ready for school:)

  • silvano santander

    I love it is love happy

  • Jessica Okine

    i think rihanna has a talent