Drake – Messages From You Lyrics

Drake – Messages From You Lyrics


I forgot about you last night
for the first time in a long time I did
I was caught up in these drinks they keep on making
an amazin conversation with this girl named Lorraine
who says shes from L.A.
who keeps makin me laugh and even asks if she can pay
She could be good for me (yeaaah)
This what you text me
Tell me that you miss me
I forget about Lorraine
and in fact shes right here with me
and shes starin at my face
something had to change
thought that all these feelings went away (yeahh)
I hate gettin messages from you (from you)
Its like you know the perfect shit to say
f-cks up my whole day
thought that all these feelings went away
I hate gettin messages from you (from you)
especially when you say you should’ve stayed
f-cks up my whole day
I thought that all these feelings went away
I hate the shit you do
I hate the shit you do
I hate the shit you do
I hate the shit you do
I hate the shit you do
I hate the shit you do
but I still text you back
I miss you too

  • BritneGraham

    My feelings still wont change abt u Drake

  • ReadyToFly

    Dam Drizzy made me cry. This niqqa go deep, most of his song are in my situation. this shit speciaialy like he tellin my story to the world.

    • Jay

      Same here it’s about my situation to

  • Mizz..DRIzzY Drakee

    Noo, it aint bout Rihanna… He way ovr dat chiz. It iz real sweet tho, i luv diz cuz my baby iz so passionate nout erryting he duz!!!!

  • BriiBabyx14

    OmG!! ii love this songg

  • Is it the final lyrics?

  • J-SON!C

    i really like this song because its so real…

  • Valentino

    Dam…drake did his thing wit this one…an da whole concept of da song is jus crazy..funny how his music tells me in a memory lol

  • Michael

    man drake is the shit fucking songs he write i can realte to easily especially the end

  • Selena

    i love drakes music, it always fits w; every sittution. i love drake, i wish there were more guys ou there like im <3

  • Lexie

    Simplyy Amazinqq <3

  • i lauqh at this sonq hah

  • x3

    i love this song especially because i can relate to it ilu jx3 NOV2.09
    cant believe i still love him so much and i smile when he hits me up :(

  • Roa

    i love this song, explains my whole situation.
    So much repect for Drake.

  • Kayla Brielle

    drakee ur simplyy amazinn! every short sonqq likk this u do is jus so relatablee!!

  • Luzita ^_^

    i love Drake<3
    this song is amazing, one of his MANY, passionate songs ever ;)
    i am IN LOVE with Draaaakeeee!

  • Ima Effinq Muffin!

    That Sonq Makes Me Wonda…Bt I Luv Iht.Dhats Mah Hubbie!LoL

  • I really love this song. Im a singe but i understand wehen he doesn’t finish some of his songs. it’s not easy to put your heart on a song cause you don’t want to give it out all at once but this song yes yes I love it with all my heart i listen to it lik 30 times a day on my ipod.

  • t.luc

    Damn , this shit deep as fuck !
    Reminds me of ah female already :(
    good song tho boyy ! (=

  • I really love this song just wished it finished

  • Chrissy K..

    its pretty much on replay. Drake put whats in my head right now perfectly with these lyrics!

  • jacquelyn

    this is sooo tight there is Aaliyah 4 page letter beat inthe background of the chain

  • And this is why you are my insperation-
    Speak the truth, and don’t talk about
    dumb stuff, keep it real always, keep up the good work-

  • Screamdolliecrave

    Manqqqq . . . See meee MiySelf & ii , iLovee This Songqq !

  • Jovonta Brown

    I know how it feels to meet someone else and your ex hugging up to you