Drake – I Get Lonely Too Lyrics

Drake – I Get Lonely Too Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Waited on you for so long
Too many days since January
I’m still sitting here alone
We shoulda did this already
Said I gotta email today
Kinda thought that you, forgot about me
But I wanna hit you back to say
Just like you, I get lonely

I could really get to know you
Take my time and show you
Don’t tell anybody what we do
When I get lonely

Take Me
To another place where I’ll be
Face to face, just you and me
With no rules, just like you
I get lonely too ooh ooh
Hoo ooh hoh, hoo ooh hoh
Just like you
I get lonely too ooh ooh
Hoo ooh hoh
Just like you
I get lonely

[Verse 2]
Ready for us to get it on
Ain’t got a love to call steady
Hope it ain’t like that for long
I’ll be your friend if you let me
Don’t wanna come on strong
Cuz too many people wanna get me
But you know I do what I gotta do
Just like you, I get lonely too


Hoh ooh hoh
Hoh ooh hoh
Hoh ooh hoh
Just like you
I get lonely too
Hoh ooh hoh
Hoh ooh hoh
Hoh ooh hoh


  • This song is beautiful…I just coldnt stop listening to it…I woke up this morning thinking about this song…I love it…I love it :) :) <3

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Thanks baby ur the best. Mwah ull get ur post in a lil bit the nurse is here so when she leaves get ready 4 ur treat. Mwah mwah mwah love u. Have a wonderful day baby n ill try 2 tune in 2 ur interview. Hope u like ur post mwah love u baby ur the bestest mwah mwah mwah. Thanks 4 understanding n oh i love when in ur songs u say ‘ooo’ ;0* ;0) thanks 4 making my day. Mwah mwah mwah we going 2 venus later. Lol enuff w marz lol. Mwah love u. ;0*

  • BriiMcKenzie

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this song I mean i love all of Drake’s songs but i personally think this is one the best. I am sooo proud of Drake , he doin the absolute best right now woww! I mean i would do anything to support his music & what ever he promotes! He’s amazing & I really think this risk he’s taking with R&B is really brave & GREAT!! Its not exciting when you do the same kind of music over n over but Drake is just WOW!! he’s doing everything all at once! I’m soo inspired & I really want him to keep it up despite what haters say! You got some loyal fans like me out there who always gin back u up man! I lovee your music & YOUR AH-MAZING!

  • Completely Incomplete

    I’m not a groupie of any sort and I’d like to think of myself as more than just a fan. I’d just like to convey that it’s easy to be infatuated but harder to actually connect. I love Aubrey’s music and I wouldn’t say that it was his acting, rapping, and singing abilities that really brought my attention to him. Whether it be on a photo or video I happen to come across, I even see that his smile is often strained. So no, it was none of those things that attracted me. It was those eyes. Those eyes that showed me what his heart was thinking. Eyes that captured the world for what it was and wrote a verse about it..Eyes that were interested in all things “life”..Eyes that would love someone, whoever that may be, very very much one day, Eyes that missed what was but is happy for what is right now…and Eyes that get lonely too…

    I’m not a fan…just an admirer

  • mina

    !love this song! love everything you are doing.. all your lyrics are reallll.loving every one of them..

  • Jay Baez

    1:26-Aint Got A Lot To Call Steady**

  • Doriaunao5172

    I love this song so so so so so freaken much i cry every time i hear it.

                                        AND KNOW IT