Drake – Headlines Lyrics

Drake – Headlines Lyrics


[Verse 1]
I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence
Started not to give a fuck and stopped fearing the consequence
Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments
Faded way too long, I’m floatin’ in and out of consciousness
And they saying I’m back, I agree with that
I just take my time with all this shit, I still believe in that
I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh I needed that
And they want to see me pick back up, well, where’d I leave it at?
I know I exaggerated things, now I got it like that
Tuck my napkin in my shirt cause I’m just mobbin’ like that
You know good and well that you don’t want a problem like that
You gonna make someone around me catch a body like that
No, don’t do it, please don’t do it
Cause one of us goes in, and we all go through it
And Drizzy got the money, so Drizzy gonna pay it
Those my brothers, I ain’t even gotta say it
That’s just something they know

They know, they know, they know
They know, they know, they know
They know, they know, they know
That the real is on the rise, fuck them other guys
I even gave ‘em a chance to decide, now it’s something they know
They know, they know, they know

[Verse 2]
I be yelling out money over everything, money on my mind
Then she wanna ask when it got so empty
Tell her I apologize, happened over time
She says they miss the old Drake, girl don’t tempt me
If they don’t get it, they’ll be over you
That new shit that you got is overdue
You better do what you supposed to do
I’m like “why I gotta be all that?” but still I can’t deny the fact
That it’s true, listening to you expressing all them feelings
Soap opera rappers, all these niggas sound like “All My Children”
And that’s who you thinking is ’bout to come and make a killing
I guess it really is just me, myself and all my millions
You know that they ain’t even got it like that
You gonna hype me up and make me catch a body like that
Cause I live for this, it isn’t just a hobby like that
When they get my shit and play it, I ain’t even gotta say it, they know


I be yelling out: money over everything, money on my mind
Tell them I apologize, it happened over time, they know

I heard once that they would rather hear about memories than enemies
Rather hear what was or will be than what is
Rather hear how you got it over how much it cost you
Rather hear about finding yourself and how you lost you
Rather you make this an open letter
About family and struggle and it taking forever
About hearts that you’ve broken and ties that you’ve severed
No doubt in my mind, that’ll make them feel better

  • This is my shit!

    • mizzirenbabii

      Shut Uhp And Stop Cursing . : /

  • Ezballa630

    I be mobbin’* like that….not Marvin lol

  • mayhem

    i think drake gone to far thinkin he could be the next biggie small

    • Kai’Trick !

      Well if you got bad thoughts
       you can 1 get O F F his F A N  page if your NOT a fan
       and just a HATER  !!!!!

      • he’s entitled to his opinion he’s not hating he just likes biggie 

      • Johanna Mosquera

        Then he shouldnt be commenting that on a page full of Drake Fans! Go post that somewhere else, cuz aint nobody here want to see that. Jus being real, i aint tryna start something.

  • Tome

    stuff a napkin in my shirt cuz im just marvin like that  – it makes sense that it’s marvin more so than mobbin

    • Lupe1210

      Not at all… “TUCK my napkin in my shirt cuz im just “mobbin” like that” … When he uses that verse “TUCK my napkin in my shirt” Its sapose to be a refrance to something… Drake being rich, famous, & alil cocky, is tucking his napkin in his shirt… There for, who are people that could resemble that… Mobbsters… how in the world does “marvin” make sense?

  • deylovesdrizzy

    some corrections*
    “i might be too STRUNG out on compliments”
    “and they SAYIN’ i’m back i’d agree with that”
    “see me pick back up (leave out “right”) well where’d i leave it at?”
    “TUCK MY napkin in my shirt cuz i’m just MOBBIN like that”
    “you gon make someone around me cause your body LIKE THAT”
    “and that’s WHO you thinking is bout to come and make a killing”
    and he says “they know” again after (time time time)
    Lol sorry, I’m a perfectionist ;)

    • Junglebook9

      How are you gunna tell someone who wrote this song the corrections? I mean they did write it. It is on HIS page.
      IMA SLAP YOUR “PERFECTIONIST” ASS -__________________-

      • deylovesdrizzy

        I’m not telling Drake that his song’s lyrics are wrong, first of all, because he’s not the one controlling this website. This is a FAN website, Drake’s actual website is somewhere on blogspot. So I’m simply letting the person running this website know that the lyrics that they typed up have some mistakes. And secondly, I’m not the only person mentioning errors. Lol, and I think it’s cute how you try to threaten me over a comment I put on a website… oh well. Have a nice day

  • zoink1

    It’s “catch a body like that” and “mobbin” why would Marvin be using a napkin? We don’t even know who Marvin is?

  • JShoVo

    Why couldn’t it be “Marvin”? If you know what the song “Marvin’s Room” is named after, than you’d know it is probably what he wrote. Know your stuff before you post.

    • deylovesdrizzy

      It is “mobbin'”. You can hear it, it sounds nothing like “marvin”. And “Marvin’s Room” is only called that cause Drake had recorded before in Marvin Gaye’s studio which was originally called Marvin’s Room, although it isn’t stated that he recorded “Marvin’s Room” specifically inside the studio. Yeah, know YOUR stuff before YOU post.

  • zoink1

    It’s mobbin pal, guarantee it & I do know my stuff my guy I know marvins room I know all that pal… Now if you knew anything you’d know it’s “mobbin” you know them mafia guys put napkins in there shirts or button ups because there always dressed to impress usually wearing a suit of some sort…now wouldn’t that make more sense? I know what marvins room is fella but he never explained exactly who marvin is, get it?

  • i’m loving this but i’m having my doubts about it being 1st single compared to other singles like Over this isn’t as commercial or appealing but then again that’s why i like Drake it just sounds to me like a more personal track not everyone will like except fans 

  • Tunachi

    Marvin means: “Marvin is a generally sweet guy, falls in love easily. He’s soooooo funny, he can be cocky.

    That guy doesn’t always make the smartest decisions, though.

    He has a great body physique, amazing talent at making out, most likely tall.

    He has a nice cock. =]

    Marvin is one of those guys you’ll never , ever forget. He’s an
    amazing friend, boyfriend…just a great companion of the opposite sex.”

    • zoink1

      But nowhere in that explanation on who marvin is does it say he puts a “napkin in his shirt” nor does it signify a simularitie to the comparison. I stand behind my prior comments on it being “mobbin” not ” “Marvin” although I can understand why you may believe that it’s “Marvin” being he has a track titled “marvins room” which I like none the less ;)

  • Mrthomaslove

    Its Marvin THe Lyrics Say So !

    • zoink1

      You see all the mistakes made with the lyrics besides the “Marvin” obviously the lyrics are not 100% accurate. You can listen to the song & see so yourself pal

  • Jo3guerrero

    am i the only one who thought he should of used “tuck my napkin in my shirt cuz im jus SLOPPY like that” ????

  • Sym~Drizzy

    This song is just AMAZING! I can tell this is going to be a perfect album!!!!!!!!!

  • stfuu, nobody gives a fuuck if they maade a mistaake ! (n)


      y do u double click ur letters when u type… it seems lyk u mumbling or something and all ur swearing will take u no where…JUST SOME WORDS OF ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janay_k

    i love this song lol: <3

  • Gabriel Deann