Drake Interviews At Sundance Film Festival 2012

Drake Interviews At Sundance Film Festival 2012


MTV News and Bing Bar caught up with Drake before he took stage at the Sundance Film Festival 2012. Drake talks about his trip to Africa he took a month ago. Drake also catches up with Bing Bar and tells Bing about his journey to the Sundance Film Festival. Check out the video after the jump for the full scoop.

Video: Bing at Sundance 2012: Drake at the Bing Bar

  • Glowies

    Bottom video Interviewer is a Transsexual.

  • VONiE

    “I got tackled by a tiger” lmao I wanna see the video!

  • Zkimbugwe

    lol. That was probably the most uncomfortable interview Drake’s ever given. 

  • JuJuCSC

    lol Shut up you didn’t get tackled by a tiger! lol!  Thas cool though lol!

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    World Wide man!

  • Drake’s#1fan

    “I got tackeled by a tiger” lol and how come he didnt sing that much new stuff when i went to see him in october at Penn State. But i’m not complaining it was the best night of my life! <3

  • carlpittso

    why did he say he got tackled by a tiger, ah drizzy u crap me the fuck up

  • hyfr