Drake Talks Sex and Relationships With Max In London

Drake Talks Sex and Relationships With Max In London


Drake chops it up with Max from Choice FM about sex and relationships. This is an interesting segment of their interview. Want to know what Drake had to say about his relationships and sex? Tune in after the jump.

  • Chelsea_jeffrie

    I love how he said even if he slept with someone on the first night, he will still talk to them<3

  • oh drake… ur so cute :)

  • Kb24agent

    that’s crazy, he accidentally quoted himself at the end of this, I wonder who caught that.

    When he was talking about how back in his mom’s day people used to wait for sex, and now it’s so instant.

    “Forget wait till’ it’s right, now it’s wait till’ tomorrow…” – RFI days

    • Monet3292004

      you know what?! thats pretty interesting though. But why saying that??

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    that women need to stfu lbs she wanna sleep w/ him I bet

  • Mrs. Graham

    I Love Him <3 ' We Need More Males Like This ! 

  • Noelle Teague

    lol drake your watch has a black face????  is it to match the ring?

  • Noelle Teague

    does it light up??? are the big and little hands light??? i hate squinting

  • Boricali203

    get it together max. get it together. hahahaha