Drake Talks Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Take Care & More

Drake Talks Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Take Care & More


Here’s the video footage of Drake interviewing with Tim Westwood. Drake is backstage with Tim Westwood discussing Nicki Minaj’s success, Lil Wayne’s The Carter 4, his own upcoming album Take Care, and much more. Catch the video after the jump. Also if you didn’t see Drake shirtless check it out at our Aubrey Drake Graham fan page.

  • luke

    drake is dat nigga..ima come up artist right now and hes mad humble he helps me wit da songs he makes wich help me to relate and get me through doubtin myself and for dat i think ima thank you now!

  • omg u twos cute

  • shertara

    thank you drake for wish me happy bday look for you to come to dc im trying to meet you

  • Crystal

    Aww I admire Drake for being so down to earth and articulate. Lmaoo at his lil fro that he’s growing…he looks lyk he put on a lil weight but he’s still cute! Can’t wait to see him in concert soon. XD

  • shertara

    drake is the hotest nigger in the game im the hottest chick from washington dc for the bitch to know that drake the best i ever seen im going to get him one day

  • SymoneilyDrake

    omg! its been so long, and obviously a lot has changed about him..his hair looks way diff. but i still love it! i was lookin at some of his old videos and i mis him sooooo much its rediculous! hes came so far and its amazinhg how he even now i can look at his old videos when he”s freestylin and get the chills!!!!! i will always love and stand behind you Drake! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  • bryannanoble

    Drake! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
    so much that u want me

  • omg!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS DUDE~!!!!!!! <3