Drake Reveals Three Tracks From Take Care Album

Drake Reveals Three Tracks From Take Care Album


Drake‘s second album, Take Care, due October 24, is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Rolling Stone caught up with Drake for an interview and a lot was said including how some of the tracks sound like, who got some feature spots and more.

“I hate singles,” Drake says. It’s a funny thing to hear from the rapper behind hits like “Best I Ever Had” and “Find Your Love,” but he says he’s always felt this way – now more than ever, as he puts the finishing touches on his second full-length LP, Take Care (due October 24th). “With this album, I want to tell a whole story,” he adds. “I don’t want people to just hear a piece and judge the album on that.”

Drake is home in Toronto, recording at his longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib’s studio. The vibe is industrial yet cozy: exposed brick, low lighting, plenty of high-grade weed and virtually no decoration aside from a vinyl copy of U.K. dubstep crooner James Blake’s debut on a windowsill. “This is home,” says Drake, wearing a T-shirt, black jeans and work boots. “If I’m in a big expensive studio, it starts messing with my head about what kind of music I should be making.”

To a degree, that’s what happened with his 2010 debut, Thank Me Later, which sold 1.4 million copies and transformed Drake from mixtape phenom to platinum-certified star. “In no way am I not proud of it,” he says, “but I think I got caught up in making it seem big and first-album-ish. I was a bit numb, a bit disconnected from myself. I wasn’t able to slow down and realize what was going on around me.”

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    I love Drake soo much! You better believe i will camp outside to get this album…

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    What are the singles? I read the post 3x and never saw any new names….

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      you have to click on the link where it says read more at the bottom of the article

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        on the main article it doesn’t say read more nor does it list the 3 singles

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    Omg… ive been counting the months, the weeks, the hours, the minutes, the seconds to the release of this album… and at this point I am jumping out of my skin with excitement… CAN’T WAIT FOR 24TH OCTOBER. NOT ONLY IS IT THE RELEASE DATE OF ‘TAKE CARE’ IT’S ALSO DRAKES B’DAY… (IT SHOULD BE US GIVING HIM A GIFT NOT THE OTHER WAY  ROUND)!!!

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      we are giving him a gift

      our support and our money

  • I want it now. Dammit!

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    You better believe THIS ONE will be getting the album on the first day! ‘ll make sure of it!

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    I like that last part about you just being comfortable recording And not somewhere fancy and shit . It shows you’re still you brass I watched degrassi today and saw you hahahah I love it<3

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    man this is fina be the best album this year hands down Drake just keep on gettin better everytime I cant wait to get the album on October 24th 2011

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    24th october…………….
    could my day get any BETTER?,
    bestie’s birthday, husbands birthday (drake) and then my husbands album comes out……
    cant wait !!!! 2011 is the year

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    June 15 2010 when Thank Me Later had came out , I love Drake so much I got 2 of his albums and now that he’s got way better best believe imma get more than 2 !

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    If Drake said on his first he was numb can you imagine when he really puts his feelings into it? Just Imagine, Just sayin.

  • DRIZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why u got a blunt in your hand, i thought he didnt smoke? dont go changin on a sista

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    rap dont sing

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    someone name is three singles

  • Jus call me drizzys #1 fan

    Dude hes part of young money obviously hes gonna smoke dumbass lol and the 3 singles are “Shot For Me,” “Free Spirit,” and “The Real Her.”

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    drake is my favorite rapper. been waiting for this album to drop.

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    drake’s the illest rapper in the game right now.i remember when i was 13 when his first debut album dropped. I couldn’t wait for the next.