Drake MuchMusic Special: The Homecoming Interview

Following Drake‘s autograph session last week in Toronto for his sophomore album “Take Care”, Drake spoke with RAPCITY’s T-RexXx for a special 30 minute interview on MuchMusic. The special is divided up into 3 different parts below. Click to go to the next page after each video.

  • Nyasia4eva

    It wasnt not like that in NYC, i waited for hours and still didnt get to see him :(

  • where can i get a OVOXO sweater liek drake?! those are awsome!

  • Niyaovoxo

    i like that he loves his fans is is awesome!

  • Niyaovoxo

    i want a OVO sweater!

  • Ana Zyanya

    woooww i truly admire Drake he is such an inspration to me,
    he’s a hero to so many ppl he amazes me so much.
    damn, i wish i can meet him thats all i want idgaf i can die after!