Drake Interview In Vancouver With Nardwuar

Drake Interview In Vancouver With Nardwuar


Nardwuar had an interview with Drake and 40. I really didn’t have any idea who this Nardwuar was, but I have to say that this interview is really off the wall! lol Nardwuar gives Drake and 40 a couple of gifts, and at one point Drake exposes some details about him that I’m sure a lot of people don’t know. Just watch the video and you’ll pick up what I’m talking about. This interview goes back into Drake’s history, it’s very interesting, worth watching the whole thing! If you want to know more about Nardwuar visit his YouTube Channel.

  • Liah

    Off the Wall doesn’t even begin to describe how entertaining this interview was. This Nardwuar really did his research and it showed, I luved it.

    40 and Drake have a really cool chemistry/friendship that shows in this clip.

  • DrakesBabyGirl23

    i loved this. (: Drakes amazingg <3

  • Chantel

    That laugh <3 & lol at the end! :P

  • 100%

    yea he did do his homework… cause there was an interview where drake named the top 5 chicks he’d bang… and Pam Greer was on there. I’m like “who’s that” so i google and it’s this 70/80’s bangin ass broad. n i’m like why would he have her… then found out she showed her titties in a few movies… and i put 2 and 2 together. Basically a Beyonce with DD’s like Austin powers gold digger era. But I put em together n found out WHY she was on that list :) now that’s 100 from Drizzy. Never hate on the fact that he’s 100% real.

  • honeyv

    it’s definitely worth it! it was such a funny interview omg..i really have to watch more of nardwuar’s videos..keep it rockin

  • Doot doola doot do….doot do!!!