Catch A “Drake Moment” In HYFR Music Video

Catch A “Drake Moment” In HYFR Music Video


Drake continues his interview with Sway from MTV News, but this time he talks about his “HYFR” video. Drake calls the video his “Drake Moment”, which really shows some character about himself. Watch the video after the jump to get the full scoop. I personally think HYFR was directed well. It has all the elements of a great music video… What you think? On another tip, Drake be rocking that double Styrofoam cup heavy!

“It was great to do it with X. I always told X [that] we needed to do a video together, we’re both from Toronto. I feel like at one point he was probably like, ‘Yea, yea alright.’ Every time I see him [I’d say,] ‘we have to do a video together,’ and finally [we] made it happen. For that to be the one, it was crazy. I think that’s the most talked about video in my career. I think it’s just insight into my genuine character. I think that’s what’s most entertaining about it. The fun being had in the video is real fun and insight into my mind because I thought of this. This is a Drake moment, a lot like the talking [I do] onstage, because that’s really me.I try and produce almost a comedic element into my show. I spent years working on acting and comedic timing. It clicked with me like a year and a half ago that maybe I should bring that element to my stage show. Why not? I don’t make music where I’ve got to take myself seriously and be all stoic. I can laugh with people and it really has brought life to my show. People leave feeling like they were in a room of 500, which is important.”

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    The cup is yellow on the inside so it’s not syrup!

  • we going to fullfill the needs of a g 2 gent to get going…..lmao