“It’s Made Grown Men Cry” TML Review

“It’s Made Grown Men Cry” TML Review

Yep. One of the most anticipated albums of the year is out in stores right now. It’s made grown men cry, caused shows to be shut down, people have bought 20 or 30 copies of it…now it’s time for the review. I had to listen to each song over and over again before I could accurately write a review for them. Thank Me Later is full of different styles and risks that Drake took with his music. And the risks paid off. It’s on the brink of an R&B album, but it’s still got that hip hop vibe to it. He blends just the right amount of singing and rapping on his tracks, and half with features. I’ve been a fan of Drake for a while now, and I was eagerly awaiting to get a copy of Thank Me Later. You basically either like the album or not.

Written by Denisha

Fireworks – “I should’ve looked up in the sky at first…now I’m really going off, Fireworks.” Once again, Drake and Alicia Keys prove to be a great team. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind hearing a mixtape or album of Drake and A. Keys collabos. The song is beyond incredible and Drake really put his heart on his sleeve with this one. From the infamous rumored Rihanna verse to talking about his parents divorce. It’s the perfect start to the album. Like the start of a movie, picking up where So Far Gone left off. It has the R&B vibe with Alicia Keys and Drake’s tone in the song mending perfectly. Clever metaphors like “My 15 minutes started an hour ago” really tug at the emotions in your heart.

Karaoke – The way it transitioned from singing to rapping, could’ve been handled differently, but I like this song. If you’ve listened to anything by Francis and the Lights, then you know that they would’ve produced this. I admit, this is one of the songs that had to grow on me though, but it did and I like it. I didn’t really get the title of the song and how it plays into the verses, but I sort of get it. It’s definitely one of those songs you play when you’re just relaxing.

The Resistance -I love it. It’s another heart on your sleeve song. Drake isn’t about to rap about how he feels and the reality of the things that happened to him. I never really thought Drake had been through so much…but he has. The way I see it, it’s the resistance against the temptations of being famous that threaten to make him lose himself. It has a very “Fear/9 Am in Dallas” feel to it.

Over -This is one of those clear message songs, but can be overplayed by the radio. The beat is catchy and you know you love when he says “AH” at the end of his verses (haha). He made a quick rise to fame that changed his whole life. And he’s just doing him. While the radio can overplay it, I can still jam out to this song.

Show Me A Good Tim e-All he wants is a good time? I love the way he sings the chorus in this song, then goes on to spit another dope rap. I also like how the chorus meshes with the vibe of the song. “Call me over-rated or created, or too jaded, because anyway you put it b*tch I made it.” The songs speaks for itself.

Up All Night -This is a straight up tribute to his Young Money team, accompanied by fellow Young Money member Nicki Minaj. Nicki went off on this track, let me just say that. It’s one of her illest features in my opinion. I think “I look like yes and you look like no” might be the new phrase (ha). The beat goes hard, Drake goes hard, and so does Nicki. Drake went with the rap vibe with this song, and it’s a catchy song. I do think the song could’ve been longer, and instead of having Nicki talking there could be another verse, but the part where she’s just talking kinda works.

Fancy – “Oh You Fancy Huh?” That’s a saying that I would wear on a t-shirt. This is an anthem for the ladies. I’ll admit, I was skeptical about how a T.I. and Drake track would work, because they have different flows when they rap. But they made it work and if this song were to be a single, it would be a hit. But this is one of those songs that you can play getting ready with the girls or driving with your girls. Plus Swizz Beats made a great third feature.

Shut It Down -Yep. Another anthem for the ladies. The song speaks for itself. She shut it down…down…down. Drake and The-Dream cater to the ladies with this one. He just wants that Miss Independent. Granted, I do think the song is longer than it needs to be. The last verse that Drake does is my favorite.

Unforgettable -The Aaliyah sample in itself deserves 10 stars. He just wants to be unforgettable..to his fans, to the women who played him, to everyone. He only had the one verse and his parts in the chorus, and it probably might’ve been better if Drake was talking when Jeezy was since it’s Drake’s song, but I think Jeezy was a great choice to have as a feature on this song.

Light Up -This song is Drake with another one of his hip hop idols, Jay-Z. From the second the beat comes on though, you can tell that Jay-Z is on the track. Jay-Z spits an ill verse on the track and honestly, I don’t think I could choose who had the better verse.

Miss Me -When I hear Drake’s verse, sometimes I still think of it as All Night Long. I don’t really get what some of Drake’s verse has to do with the title of the song, Miss Me, but regardless, it’s a great verse. From Maliah to the playful marrying joke to Nicki Minaj, Drake went off on this beat. Catchy beat and great lyrics by Drake (“life ain’t a rehearsal, the camera’s always rolling”) and Weezy (“Yes I am Weezy but I ain’t asthmatic”).

Cece’s Interlude -This has got to be one of my favorite songs off the album. I know Cece has got to enjoy listening to this song. It’s got that “Something” vibe to it, and I love that song, so of course I like this one too. It’s all Drizzy singing on this track.

Find Your Love -All singing on this one too. When I first heard it, it was completely different from what I expected it to be. I love this song. The Super Mario Bros. like beat might get tiring to some people, but I for one, don’t mind listening to this song over again. Yeah, like most songs, it has a tendency to be overplayed though. Nevertheless it’s a catchy song that most people can relate to.

Thank Me Now -You can thank him now, it’s alright, he said it’s okay. This song is equipped with a great beat and if you’ve listened to Timbaland, you could probably guess that this was the one he helped produce. You can thank him now, that is all.

In the end, this album was great. Some of these songs are songs that you might have to listen to more than once to really get the hang of it. And some of these might’ve been longer than necessary, but were still overall great songs. All in all, it was a great debut album for Drake. I’m eager to see what else he will come up with. Favorite track: Fireworks. Least favorite: Hmm…yeah I can’t choose one for this one (haha).

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