What Secret About Drake is Nicki Minaj Keeping From Meek Mill? Her...

What Secret About Drake is Nicki Minaj Keeping From Meek Mill? Her Love For Views!


Nicki Minaj has a secret that she is keeping from her #1 man Meek Mill, and the secret is about Drake and his new album Views From the 6. Minaj has to be careful because her main squeeze and Drizzy have been feuding for some time now, and it is no secret that the Toronto rapper and the Philadelphia rapper have no love lost between them. The secret that Minaj is keeping is how much she loves Views because if Mill knew he would go crazy with jealousy. In order to hear the album and keep the peace Nicki listens when Meek is not around. It is no secret that Nicki and Drake have a past and were close friends, and that there is still love between the two, but Minaj has chosen to stand by her man even if that means listening to Views From the 6 in private when Mill is gone.

One source close to Nicki Minaj told a reporter that the Young Money Barbie could not get enough of Views From the 6. “Nicki’s ear has been all glued to Drake’s album, and she loves it. She couldn’t stop bobbing her head to some of the songs on Views. She thinks that Drake’s so talented. Every time he grabs the mic something epic comes out, and she couldn’t be prouder. She was so excited to listen to his new album that she didn’t do it anywhere in Meek’s presence. That would have made him so jealous and Nicki didn’t want that. She’d never admit this, but she thinks Drake is a far more superior rapper than her own man. But that’s on the super, super down low.”

Since Drake disses Mill in at least one track on Views From the 6 it is probably fair to say that if Meek found out his girl was always listening to the album this would cause friction in the relationship between Nicki and Meek. Some are already speculating that when Mill finally gets off house arrest he will retaliate with some diss tracks of his own on a mixtape. The fact that Drake said he will “always love and respect her” when talking about his relationship with Nicki Minaj just added fuel to the flames of the feud between the rappers.