Snapchat Video Shows Kylie Jenner and PARTYNEXTDOOR Get Close Soon After Tyga Split

A Snapchat video that recently surfaced shows that Kylie Jenner and PARTYNEXTDOOR have become  very close soon after Jenner split with Tyga, and PARTYNEXTDOOR acts like a protective boyfriend in the video. In the video the rapper can be heard telling the 18 year old beauty that he wants to protect her, although it is not clear whether he is talking about Tyga or something else. Ever since Jenner and Tyga split she has been spotted with PARTYNEXTDOOR, and the couple have been on a number of reported dates in that time including a May 25 bowling date with friends.

Recent reports of Tyga’s involvement with Demi Rose, a 21 year old British model, may be an attempt by Tyga to make Jenner jealous, and this may be why PARTYNEXTDOOR is feeling so protective. Another rumor going around was recently shot down by Kylie. The rumor was that Jenner had loaned Tyga around $2 million while they were dating and the 18 year old reality starlet was begging the rapper to repay her. Jenner posted “Lies, lies, lies” on Twitter when the repayment rumor surfaced. In the 10 second video clip of Kylie and PARTYNEXTDOOR the rapper asks “What do I do?”, and Jenner replies “You delete me.”  The hip hop artist then comments “I’m protecting you” right before the clip ends. Watch Below: