Meek Mill Slammed a Second Time this Week, Drake Fans Demand Apology...

Meek Mill Slammed a Second Time this Week, Drake Fans Demand Apology Again


Being Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend is apparently not enough to occupy Meek Mill, and on Thursday he was slammed for a second time this week by Drake fans who are demanding an apology again. Lately social media just seems to get Mill in hot water. After Mill posted a Facts quote again this week on his account on Instagram fans were quick to respond in a very negative manner. Ever since Mill lost the feud with Drake things have been going down hill. Mill posted a quote image on Thursday December 3 which read “By staying strong in your convictions, you will prevail.”

Everything began on July 21 when a public diss by Mill was made against Drake on Twitter. In the diss Meek stated that he should not be compared with Drake because Drake doesn’t write his own songs. Drake hit back with Back to Back and Charged Up, and the beef has been strong ever since. On Tuesday Mill posted an integrity quote that riled up some Drake fans. One fan responded with “Lol your the one that started the beef with Drake. Drake didn’t want to beef with you but you force him to respond.. And now you posting this message?! Smh check yourself bruh.. Your the one that tried to bully a singing n—- because you thought you can win, now look at you, got bodied lol..,”

The very same Tuesday it appears that Rick Ross also took a jab at Drake in Color Money. On Thursday Meek Mill posted an image of the Black Market album from Rick Ross, the album with Color Money on it, and fans were quick to criticize Mill once more. One fan stated “Not in this lifetime meek, you have to reconcile with what you did or else karma will not be kind. You did wrong, that is why it is still bugging you and you’re fighting to prove yourself once again. This is just an opinion.” Another was just as biting with the comment “Meek … Just go head and apologize to Drake and Wale , so you can finally sleep at night …”