A List Of 10 Girls Drake Allegedly Dated

A List Of 10 Girls Drake Allegedly Dated


Ever caught your self wondering who Drake has dated? Many of you have emailed me with questions like, “who are the girls that Drake has talked about in his songs” and “I just want to see what these girls look like”. Well here is the list of girls Drake has “supposedly” dated. Some may be true, some not so much. Enjoy!

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Drake & Teyana Taylor

You know a lot of girls be thinkin’ my songs are about them
This is not to get confused, this one’s for you”

Teyana Taylor was heated because Drake had shouted “Teyana Taylor, you the f*cking best” while she was at one of his California shows.

  • h00ch

    Didn’t he also date Cat from the Bad Girls Club?? I read about that online in another article.

    • ilovedrake

      i did too would like to know..she looks like his type

  • SidneyTaylor

    i agree that drake needs someone real..i think some of these wemon took advantage of his insecurity and need to be loved..he needs to love hisself though.

  • B@rb!3

    yeah we all love nicki i thought u married her

  • Ebony_lashawn

    the only girl i could see him dating is his co-star from degrassi . &` idk about rhianna . the other girls dont really look like his type. but none of us really know his “type” we just go by his songs of what type of girls he may have been with. now the friend in this picture w/ his mom Nebby , he could have dated her. 

  • Drake aint messin with nun of these chicks….If he is they only want em for 1 his money,2 his money,3 his money,do I even got to say 4…I mean lets be clear they look like trashy girls and they exsposen them selves so what more could DRIZZY DO…<3(LMS)!!!

  • Prettygirlmeesh

    Haha you forgot catya from the bgc. That he talks about in “take a shot”

    • lilmizzdrizzy

      and jade from doing it wrong

      • Paperboy509

        Yeah those songs weren’t out 568 days ago though.

  • You couldva stay with one of these girls.! Shit I’ll be fine with anyone of thse girls.!

  • Robertjoshua21

    At the end of the day, a young rich guy with tons of money is gonna get with women for fling purposes (i.e. lust).  He’s barely into his 20’s.  He’ll stop dating strippers and vixen by the time he’s 40 and then choose a quality woman.  Drake even said it himself  in his song Believe it or Not “I feel like I’ll find a wife exactly when I need to.  So you can say whatever girl but we just don’t believe you.”

  • Xkingxfatal

    you still have their #

  • Lala

    no asians :(

  • lilmizzdrizzy

    hahah ….. i think i look like nebby :D

  • lilmizzdrizzy

    whats up wit all the hoes

  • Natshawnna14

    What about Alisha?

  • Iloveyoudrake

    I hope that drake breaks up with his new,girl well his ex nebby :( drake I want you to be single again and find me im a normal,women I dont put my vaniga up for sale this hoes your with dont love you foe yoi they love your money.

  • Drizzyforeva#1

    what hppened 2 nicki minaj!!!!!

  • ranee

    Wtf is wrong with drake he took rihanna ova nicki did he get hit with a baseball bat or something cause dhatsbjust plan rite d u m b b b bbbb bbb

  • Steph9121

    idk but how can u not fall for those puppy eyes…!

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Looks like this page needs some major updates now! And I’m sure ya’ll see a pattern here with the type of chicks he dates..loooove me some Drizzy, but I’m gonna need for him to involve himself with ladies who aren’t out for attention and money, ane also one that can keep her mouth shut. LOL




  • lol yall funnny makin accusations like you all know drake on a personal level he’s a human being with desires and fantasies like any other person he just so happens to be a famous so he can aquire thesedesires and we cant stop gassin 

  • Cajona456

    I think Drake is trying to fine his place in love it maybe testing on his relationships.

  • Ls

    what about rose mary and lianee seely

  • Joseuoll

    Drake just raps and sings about girls doesn’t mean that hes sweet he probley just wants to have fun like any other rapper it’s how he is u think he’s really going to settle for one girl when e can have many girls after him and he nos it to.
    What guy wouldn’t it’s the dream

  • 012miriam

    There’s something about..u.am afraid it wont happen:(..

  • Drakes’ Fave

    I’m a little disturbed by all this! But I dont care I still love drake. I’m dissappointed he’s only into the big judy booty girls. Damn. I still love him though I dont care who he dates, as long as he’s happy.

  • lalala

    drakes gonna end up marry white. :)

  • stephany marquez

     one chance is all i need, until the day we meet, imma be me, doing my thang,  blowin dank classy is all u see, wit my peeps, pushin this whole P, tree.
     all these mofuckas tryin to get at me, they know they jus my boy toys until my prince lifts me off my feet.
    u know drizzy drake, my fantasy.

     jus give me some time , ill  make you mine, before that ill i can do, is stare at those puppy eyes.

     im a boss bitch, rich, know how to ride that dick, and i dnt fuck wit no snitch pigs,  got more $$ than nikki minaj gots wigs, ha and u know she  stackin on those , lmfao 
     fuck wit me boi i know u will like what you see in them jeans, im ur perfect dream , call me ur ” vanilla bean”. 

    • juicy bby


  • Breanavazquez

    all of ya are mad cuz he’s better off with the ricans

  • Whos the girl from Palm Springs mentioned on Lord Knows?

  • Steph9121

    drake is mixed himself so im sure he likes all types of “women”. i bet he diggs latinas tho….

  • chelsee wagner

    man i need some drake dick all his songs are bout meeeeeeee…
          ;) lol

  • chelsee wagner

    drakes number to yall is 330 get lost bitches

  • scarletfever

    basing the fact on how the females may look n not knowing them personally is stupid!! sumin about them may have caught his attention ! smma yall chick may even look worst than they do !! money makin n girls gonna b giving it up

  • ImJustSaying

    have you guys noticed?all the girls drake dated have all big butts andd probably strippers they have photo on the internet in bikinis looking like professionals took the photos everyone of them haves that  naked picture on the internet. theyre sluts how do you expect them to fall for just one guy and be faithfull use your head.

  • DrakeBbyGirlAsh

    next drake will be dating me ^.^

  • Dmv320

    you would think that you are attracted to the same race of your mother

  • Blackvirginb

    Fuck white girls drake is black

  • drake is fine

  • Christiannaiveryclark

    drake is super cute so im just saying that maybe thats why he get to sleep around he pullin hoes and thats what he gone keep doin so what let him mind his business

  • Nallajea

    yea be proud of ur body to one man not the whole world thats like giving each man a taste the way you giving the man u loving cuz the man u loving u soon gona be letting every brotha love u down too when they shove money in ur face..how about women start using there mind and brain to look good and show off not there figure save all that for the bedroom have some class please .unless u wana be a porn star and have all the men then good luck but if u wana be wifey and have kids how about make sure ur good dont grow up to find one of ur pics and become u yet worse. words by Nalla Jea

  • Nallajea

    i meant make sure ur kids*

  • aj

    all them hoes bad!!!!

  • U’re da big deal ngga!da real underd0g

  • Hm n riri make da best couple bt al i cn c therez sum1 drizy gat an unfinishd busnes wit

  • Kaylene Matthews

    Well atleast he has one dark skin girl in there especially seeing as how rappers “luv dem redbones” but I don’t expect Drake to women of a different, ahem higher class, especially now at this age and at the top of his game. Probably as he gets older, he’ll move more towards women with actual beauty and brains. Not to say these women don’t have both, but we can only go by what we see. I think the two on here that I know of who has beauty and brains are Bria Miles and Keisha… the others I don’t. Also, he’s Jewish. I guarantee you the woman he decides to shack up with when he’s older will have money and many things going for herself, not just some video girl.

  • Claudia Padovani