Is Drake Dissing Rihanna In “No Lie” Music Video?

Is Drake Dissing Rihanna In “No Lie” Music Video?


Buzz online is about 2 Chainz ft. DrakeNo Liemusic video that debuted a couple days ago. Some viewers think that Drake is taking shots at Rihanna in his verse. Drake and Rihanna did a song together titled “What My Name”, where it may have been a a co-incidence, but Drake’s spit the following line in 2 Chainz’s new hit single:

“Aww that look like what’s her name, chances are it’s whats her name. Chances are if she was actin up then I f—ked her once and never f—ked again. She could have a Grammy, I still treat her ass like a nominee. Just need to know what that p—sy like so one time is fine with me.”

We not sure if it was intended for Rihanna or not, but we want to know what you think, vote below and leave us your comments.

  • Jorge Lancaster

    Of course he’s referring to Rihanna. The first time I heard the track I laughed my ass off knowing EXACTLY who he was referring to. Any Drake fan that follows him is well aware of this, “she could have a Grammy, I’ll still treat her ass like a nominee…” LOVE IT!!!

  • hahahahahahahaha! too funny!!!!!!

  • He says “Me n Chainz go way back, we don’t TALK THAT TALK, we just say facts.”

    Rihanna’s single, Talk That Talk.

    It’s about Rihanna.

    • its “talk shit” not talk that talk… thats just what the censored version sounds like -__- dont make useless hype

    • First of all its “We don’t talk the talk, we just state facts” and the only reason he said that was because he had to because the explicit version is “we don’t talk shit” so that lines defiantly not about her… but the others probably!

  • David Morris



  • helen alemu

    Its probably about a girl he met,fucked,and saw again at a later time and doesnt really like her. But lets be real ri-ri got dissed! LMAO

  • Remember the song What’s my name? by Rhianna and Drake? “oh that looks like whats her name? chances are it is whats her name?” He’s definitely talking about her.