How Will Meek Mill Respond After Being Dissed by Drake on Views?...

How Will Meek Mill Respond After Being Dissed by Drake on Views? Some Say Mill Will Fight Back the Same Way!


Drake’s latest album Views contains at least one suspected diss towards Meek Mill to keep the feud between the two rappers going strong, and an anonymous source has reported that Mill plans to fight back with his own mixtape in order to get revenge. In the past Meek has made accusations that Drizzy needed a ghostwriter to come up with the songs that he created but Drake came back with two tracks which were epic in the way that they dissed Mill. When Meek tried to respond to these tracks with a revenge track of his own no one was impressed and Mill was mocked mercilessly, with some saying the Philadelphia rapper’s material was weak sauce.

In Hype it is clear that Drake is talking about Mill when he raps “I don’t run out of material/You shouldn’t speak on me period/You try to give your side of the story/They heard it/But they weren’t hearing it.” During an interview a source that refused to be named told the media that “Drake may think he’s sitting pretty and on top of the game with Views but Meek’s preparing to knock him down real fast. He’s heard the album and it’s not on fire the way Drake thinks it is. Meek’s been at the crib, writing a series of new songs for a mixtape he’s planning on dropping once he’s off house arrest and it’s going to murder Drake’s album.”

Another point of friction between the Toronto rapper and Meek could be the buzz going around online that Nicki Minaj is already big fan of Views. As her man this must make Meek angry, especially since he is on house arrest and can’t go anywhere. If this is true and Minaj is already a Views fan then the track Keep The Family Close must be painful to hear as Drizzy talks about their past friendship with the lyrics “And it’s all because you chose a side/You’re supposed to put your pride aside and ride for me/Guess it wasn’t time/And of course you went and chose a side that wasn’t mine.” It will be interesting to see what Mill can come up with on the new mixtape to try and diss Drake.