Gossip: Is Drake Feeling Snooki From Jersey Shore?

Gossip: Is Drake Feeling Snooki From Jersey Shore?


This one is pretty out there, but we report any Drake news at Drizzy Drake. There are rumors going around that Drake has a soft spot for Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Drake was supposedly spotted chatting up the MTV star backstage at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. A spy said, “He was flirting with Snooki and trying to get her to come to his after-party. He was holding her hand the whole time.”

Snooki was later seen showing up to his after-party bash, only to be turned away by security. The source also added, “Drake found out about it a lot later and was really mad that Snooki didn’t get in.”

What you think? We even went ahead to make a comparison with Miliah Michel… Maybe it’s the fact that they look “sort of” the same…?

Source: NY Post

  • OMG Drake is so hot. I would love to see him in action XOXO

  • DrizzzyDrakesBoo!

    WHO THE HELL IS MIliah Michels ? WTFFFFFF !

    • drizzy4life

      his ex 

    • Å?????? ?????m ?

      She was in the “Find your Love ” Video

  • Dasdasd

    Don’t ever compare Snooki with Miliah…..Its a sin.

  • Just Ashley

    can we be [REALLY] real for a one sec here? there’s never been not ONE [hatin’] bone in my body. but does either one of these women look remotely close to WIFEY material? or is it just me?

    no wonder drake keep getting his heart broke. he’s shopping for champagne with a soda can mentality. these women look like they would sleep with his whole circle and my uncles too. im sorry. but i never mix business with pleasure. i mean, if you were a star in show business and you slept with drake, do you think he’d really take you serious??? WAKE UP ppl. this sorta gossip takes us away from TRUE VALUE. GOD and our OWN potentials in life.   

  • Hopelesst

    that is all shit drake wouldnt do that to nicki ! everything that people say about them is so all f***n shit so shut your f#$&n mouths ! from hope

  • Hopelesst

    gossip gossip gossip ! blah blah blah !