Drake Twitter Beef With His Ex Maliah Michele

Drake Twitter Beef With His Ex Maliah Michele


Nobody really knows if this is real beef or not, but Drake and Maliah Michele seem to have had an argument over Twitter recently. Drake recently tweeted, “Sometimes I wanna tweet things like “Bitch how you stop fuckin with me and now you live on twitter everyday”…but then I just don’t.” Drake didn’t say who it was towards, but Maliah Michele was quick to write back, taking it as it was a jab her way. Continue reading on the next page.

  • Alchatay

    FUCK THAT HOE! Frizzy don’t need her. :*

  • Josh mizell

    I like how drizzy shut her ass up with his last comment lol

  • Raouf166

    Hit it and quit it hoes come and go real niggaz stay and make bread don’t need hoes to fuck with the cash flow. Drizzy doing it big all day every day fuck them bitchs they good for one thing anyways.

  • Swimmindude06

    ily drizzy fuck that hoe she killed u you in ur find your love music video i hate her lol

  • Sandra3102

    DrizzAKE your way to sexy for her! She may have a nice body and a big ‘ol butt, but most of the time they are pretty ulgy inside. ;) We need to meet! Lol

  • Njavwadrizzydrake

    lol driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzy drake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so funny.

  • Davie24

    right on drizzy!!!!!

  • Rosannekadir

    Drizzy dress her up…..

  • Oshuman

    it sooo funny if u see the number of people who retweet for drake and the number of people who retweet for this bitch :)

  • 012miriam

    CUTIE YOU’RE THE GREATEST..:)sexy papi.

  • brown is yellow. lkiliike,lilikelike

  • Just Ashley

     it’s childish if you ask me. i’m a drake fan for his musical genius only. from one artist to another, i guess [it is] only show business when you’ve got something juicy that’ll have the public riled up over. but what the hec. relationships come and they go. as they’re intended to teach a little something about ourselves. there’s more to the story then [WE] will [EVER] know. 

  • Just Ashley

    perhaps neither Drake or Maliah are [OVER] each other. ppl need a better prospective on life & [GROW] up,  PERIOD.

  • Drakes#1Fan<3

    You just keep dancin on that pole 4 singles bitch!.. Idk what he ever saw in u! :(

  • Nat Saha Kiwi

    She thinks everything’s about her. Drizzy forget about her she’s a bitch . Killed your find your love music video Lol

  • Tyrrell625

    Aye if he cnt treat her ass right . . i Wnt treat her wrong . . FUCK WIT ME BABY ! #TWINCITY

  • Tyrrell625

    Nahh but Drake R E A L as hell doe , Dhats mah nigga ! But ol gurl FINE AS FUCK ! On mah Mama ! 

  • Alex

    Funny cause drizzy actually started this girls career. If it wasn’t for him running her, nobody would even know who she is. She would just be another custy ass stripper.

  • #teamDrake

    i’ll slap that bitch! lol