Drake Tattoo’d Aaliyah’s Face On His Back

Drake Tattoo’d Aaliyah’s Face On His Back


Drake takes his love for Aaliyah to a new level by tattooing her face to his back. A few photos surfaced today of Drake playing tennis with some of his friends. Someone took a couple photos of them playing tennis as well as a back shot of Drake’s back (supposedly) with an Aaliyah’s face tattoo of the left side with wings above her head. Drake’s has made numerous references of Aaliyah in his music and even a letter her wrote to her:

“Dear Dana,” Drake begins, referring to the singer by her middle name. “I’ve never lost a parent, a friend, or a lover but I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. I remember getting the news that you had passed and it connected with my heart like a clean shot from Muhammad Ali. I was crushed.”

Drake is the one with the white headband on his head and we also have a picture of the photo the tat was referenced from. What you guys think?

  • drake#1fan

    his back is hot and aaliyah is his musical inspiriation and its what he wants it’s definetly shocking cuz he always has the good boy and then that mysterious side and thats y i love him! <3

    • Harold flower


      • drake#1fan

        you wish u were

      • nah i am so u can change it or i will come to ur house and murder the shit out of you , thnks:)

      • Sara marie

        yea u wish u were IM HIS #1 FAN

      • Haroldflower

        i am so back up

      • Haroldflower

        n btw harold isnt my real name

      • More like groupie, just chill its a USERNAME

  • AubreyDrakeGraham’struefan

    It looks to be legit. The wings above Aaliyah’s portrait are actually the wings of the sparrow tattoo that he got, along with the OVO owl tattoo that he has on his right shoulder. Drake never seemed like the tattoo kinda guy but his love for Aaliyah has always been evident. I love that man though :)

  • a b

    hilcrest park tennis court, my old hood 

  • drake miraculously grows a full beard after a tennis game…

  • Anon

    That’s fucking insane. I will never for the life of me get the appeal of putting permanent ink on your skin. Almost got a piercing (extra ear, eyebrow or belly) and a tattoo. I walked by the shop so many times thinking I’m gonna do it and I didn’t. So glad I didn’t. This is not something I’ll regret. Yep….I’m judgemental. We all are. Regardless I still love this dude’s music.

  • Mrs.Graham

    I love it. Still want to know what it says next to the owl tho : /

  • Boots_Bae

    i think its cool i gess… keep up the good work boo ! come to the 804

  • DizzyDrakeFan

    Aaliyah R.I.P 
    my name is Tatiana Aaliyah R and, I <3 it!! 

  • Normanr59

    u should come out to hemet california to dartmouth

  • Sadia


  • Sara

    who cares. it’s his body. you only have one life. who the fuck cares what others think. he can do what ever he wants. it’s just a tattoo, calm down. it’s not like it’s on his face.

  • Provocative Woman

    Man, these two would have TOTALLY collaborated and done a song or two together, if not more. I could totally see them vibing like that. Drake and Aaliyah. Damn. Rest peace, Angel. xoxo

  • Sammi

    I don’t think its him. If u look at the overall pic u will see that the trees are different, the light in the whole pic is different. His ear looks different, and yes a beard does not grow that fast! And really I know everyone has heard of photo-shop. Is the first pic even him. Everyone has a double.

  • Darshayjohnson25

    oweee` Drakee you finee & real af , for getting Aaliyah tatted on you (:

  • Bizzy

    Obviously this is fake i mean come on guys! Black people playing tennis?